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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Are they having sex?

Are these grasshoppers having sex, or is this her kids? I dont know.

I was working on the roof again today. I was going to take pictures of the roof, but thought these pictures were cool.

The picture below, is Keith's beautiful dog. She is an Australian Shepard. She is also Deaf. You have to use sign language for her to understand you.
We are almost done with the roof. I will take finished pictures. And show you.



Kyle Leach said...

Keith's Australian Shepard is gorgeous. What a face!

John said...

Sorry I don't have the answer about the grasshoppers, but I have a feeling they're doing it LOL. I agree, Keith's dog is beautiful! She has got to be so smart to learn sign language! I only know a few words and letters and we have an institution here (Illinois School for the Deaf). I wish I could take time to learn, as there are so many nice deaf people here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think they are having sex. Is it wrong to be jealous of the grasshoppers? LOL

Larry Ohio said...

Awwww, that male is so little. :-(

Beth said...

I also think the grasshoppers are gettin' it on. Isn't nature wonderful? :)

Allen said...

@ Kyle, Yeah she does have a pretty face.

@ John, I know some sign language, enough to get by. What I have trouble with is the speed that they sign. I can read most words, but wow do they go fast.

@ Michael, lol no I don't think its wrong. hehe I am jealous too.

@ Larry, both of them are. hehe

@ Beth, Nature is wonderful. especially when you catch it on camera. =o)

Pat said...

Hey! I have the same picture of grasshoppers! Except I don't have the third one looking on! That is too funny! One day I just took my camera and snapped shots of all the different bugs on the soybean field in the farm behind the campground where we are staying. I was going to post it one of these days.

There are books out for sign language for dogs. Dalmation dogs are known to have the trait of deafness.

I was an interpreter for the deaf for a few years. Went to school for 5 years - learning the language and studying to be an interpreter. But if you don't use it, you lose it. I could still have a conversation with deaf people, but I know I couldn't interpret anymore. :)

Keith said...

what you didnt see was the panof hot chocolate right above thegrasshoppers yumm chocolate covered grasshoppers. but be careful not to spill any on the dog choclate is notgood for

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