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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Lose Weight with out Counting Calories

Back when I was 38 years old I weighed 260 lbs, with a pants size of 44. (I still have them)

I knew that counting calories was not my thing, and I had to figure out how I was going to lose the weight. I figured it out. Here is what I did.

1. I cut out all sodas (regular and diet)
2. I only had one treat a week (sweets)
3. I ate 3 meals a day.
4. I found a job that required me to walk between 8 and 10 hours a day.

The job was working in a Mall as Security. I worked in Castleton Square Mall. The job was not hard, but I did walk all the time.

The first couple of weeks just about killed me. My feet hurt so bad after each day. But then things started getting easier after that.

I worked in Security for 1 year and during that time with the things listed above I lost over 110 pounds. I went from size 44 pants to 32. It was not easy to train myself not to drink sodas or eat sweets.

I saw an old friend a couple of days ago, and she said "oh my god, you are so skinny now". She made me feel good.

Have a good day,


Larry Ohio said...

OMG I just can't believe you ever weighed 260 lbs. You look perfectly trim in your pics. I'm very happy for you for losing all that weight!

I also can't believe you wrote, "Back when I was 38..." Just how old are you? Older than I thought, I'll tell you that.

I got a question about the meals per day. You are now eating three. Is that as opposed to one big one? Or as opposed to six tiny ones? Or what?

I've also eliminated pop and treats and restaurant food, and I reduced portion sizes and increased veggies and raw fruit, and I'm exercising. I'm having great results -- 20 lbs. in 3 months with more to come.

Rae said...

You look fantastic. That is a significant accomplishment. It is a very hard battle. I need some of your willpower. Really great job Allen.

f8hasit said...

Good for you!
Now if my friends would stop posting things that I have to read I'd get away from my computer and go exercise!

I've cut out soda AND sweets. I have a hard time when passing a bakery with fresh bread...

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is an amazing achievement! Congrats!! Diet Coke is my weakness. It would be hard for me to give up that too! You are a big inspiration to people wanting to loose weight!

Allen said...

@ Larry, I ate 3 meals a day. Breakfast was # 1 at McDonalds, Lunch was a sandwich and chips, Dinner was what ever the house fixed. I was living with a great friend and her son. A spoon full of this and a spoonfull of that.

Congratulations on losing 20 pounds. That is so exciting!
@ Rae, Thank you. here is you some pixie dust that will give you some will power. =o)
@ f8hasit, hehe, walking by a bakery is a hard thing to do, ah the smell of freashly baked bread. That is a major down fall for me.
@ Michael, Thanks, it was a hard time in my life. It was hard on my feet, but the end result was great. =o)
@ Eat More - Who are you?

Beth said...

That's amazing, Allen! Congratulations on such a significant achievement!

Allen said...

@ Beth, Thank you so much!

John said...

Allen, WOW, I am so impressed and proud of you! I would've never guessed in a million years that you ever weighed that much. This just shows how SMART you really are. I know people who are diabetic, but yet they continue to eat food that they are not supposed to! Now that is just dumb! I'm happy for you! You added years to your life and may have even saved it! Way to go!

I would sign this with clapping hands if I could LOL

Lynda said...

I agree with Larry Ohio about your age. I did not even think you were as old as 38. Weight loss is happening in our home - - - again. My husband does well on Weight Watchers. I have cut the sodas. It makes a huge difference.

Allen said...

@ John, Thanks, I hope I added years to my life. I enjoy my life. Its so much fun. =o)
@ MissLynda, Soda's do make a huge difference. I have looked young all my life. Going to bars made it hard when I hit 21 and still looked 14.

Thanks for all the great comments!

Sue said...

Wow, Allen, that's amazing. You should feel very very proud. I don't drink soda's or eat chips, etc. My downfall is the rotten habit of coffee and a dessert that hubby and I have fallen into every (EVERY) afternoon. I know I gotta quit it. You've inspired me to try again.

Allen said...


I am glad I have inspired you. I know you can do it. =o)

Pat said...

That's quite an accomplishment, Allen. Good for you. That should be enough incentive for the rest of us to get off our, er, COUCHES, and do something about our weight!

Allen said...

@ Pat, Thank You

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