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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Weather is NOT Cooperating

The cube is supposed to be here tomorrow, and guess what? You guessed it, storms all day is projected for tomorrow and Sunday. I guess I am going to be putting a tarp up so that we dont have to load it in the rain. If its lightening, we wont be doing it at all. The container is all metal, which I don't think will be a good idea to be in.

I had lunch with Sally yesterday. We went to Gray Brothers Cafeteria. Wonderful place to eat. The menu has not changed in years. I had my normal which is their famous Roast Beef, and a couple of sides. Their Strawberry Pie is out of this world. My parents introduced it to me years ago. I remember our entire church going. Its about 45 minute drive from downtown Indianapolis. If you ever are in town, its a must to go there. Sally and I talked about our families now and our families back when we were younger. It was really nice to spend such valuable time with her. Thanks Sally!

Sleeping is difficult for me. I am lately sleeping for a couple of hours and then waking up. Staying awake and then falling out again. Over and over all night.

I have been talking to my room mates and we all have been feeling the stress of this. We have the knots in the stomachs. Michael said, I wish we had a teleport so we could just jump there. Wouldn't that be nice? (beam me up Scotty)

Have a good one,


f8hasit said...

It's like the first day of school jitters!
I hope the rain holds off for you. Nothing like moving in preciptation!

Allen said...

@ F8hasit, Your not kidding. =o)

Beth said...

Not surprising to be antsy with a big move. You'll be okay!

Anonymous said...

I hope that everything goes smooth!!! Good luck with the packing of the pod!

Kyle Leach said...

Strawberry pie. Yum! Allen, I hope the weather isn't as bad as you expect and everything goes well while packing the cube.

Allen said...

@ Beth, That is so true. Antsy is a good way to describe it.

@ Michael, Me too. And Thanks!

@ Kyle, The Strawberry Pie is out of this world. Well it is bad. The tornado sirens are blaring right now. ugh.

Thanks for all the comments!

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