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Monday, September 14, 2009

Working on the Roof.

We have been pealing the roof off of this building. Its really been a pain in the butt. Its 4 layers thick with tar in-between each layer. We have over 1/2 of it done. My arms are burnt up. They are stinging. I have been wearing protection, but up on this roof, its still hot. I was told by Keith, that its always at least 20 degrees hotter up on a roof. Its been in the 80's on the ground, so we are working in 100 degree heat.

I will write more later and show you the completed job.


Larry Ohio said...

Drink plenty of water.

Wonder Man said...

yes stay hydrated

Allen said...

@ Larry, I do drink plenty of water.

@ Wonder Man, I am. =o)

Emmaus Blog said...

That is why you don't see old men working as roofers!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, that looks like an awful roof to work on. Maybe cooler weather will head your way. I'm sure that would make the work a little easier to tolerate.

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