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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Allen's Resume

Allen McAlister
North Lauderdale, Florida

Skills Profile:
Excellent communicator with all levels of management.
Swift learner of new ideas and initiatives.
An innovative creator of new Training programs.

Work Experience

January 2007 to Present
Leading Web Solutions, Indianapolis Indiana.
Online Marketer

Reviewed & Installed Game Submissions
Created Back Links for the site
Developed profiles on social networking sites
Created advertising videos

May 2005 to February 2007
Staples, Southport Indiana
Copy and Print Specialist

Register, Budgets, Copy Jobs, Inventory, Designs, Special Orders, Managed 6 employees.
Knowledgeable of Office Supplies Department & Furniture Department.

March 2004 to May 2005
E-Z Window Cleaning Company, Indianapolis, IN

Marketing, Sales, Window Washer

June 2003 to March 2004
Indiana Department of Administration, Indianapolis, Indiana
Mail Room, Store Clerk V

Sort incoming interdepartmental mail, Pick up and deliver interdepartmental mail/U.S. Mail. Deliver completed orders from Central Printing in the Government Complex.

April 2001 to June 2003
Allen's Window Cleaning Company, Indianapolis, Indiana

187 accounts, with a total of 3,740 windows to be cleaned each month. Worked all over the state, including Anderson, Muncie, Morgantown, Lafayette, Greenwood, Whiteland, Greenfield, Greencastle, and Indianapolis.

June 1998 to April 2001
Electric Umbrella, Epcot, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Visista, Florida
Money Counter, Coordinator of Training, & Flyte Team Member

I could fill any position within the Electric Umbrella, i.e.: Cashier, Counter, Kitchen, Food Handler, Culinary, and Coordinator of Training. Our training team trains 40 college Cast Members and 30 regular Cast Members a year. Made a training video and power point presentation for new hires and Cross U's. I won the Guest Service Fanatic drawing for all of Epcot. As a Flyte team member I was trained to work in any location within Future World i.e.: Foods, Merchandise, Attractions, and Custodial.

Training and Certifications/Qualifications

  1. Disney's Train the Trainer
  2. Learning to work with people
  3. Lessons in Leadership
  4. Time Management
  5. How to be a great Server
  6. Pluto's Pursuit - Learning to work as a team
  7. Hazard Communication

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Pat said...

Allen - what kind of job are you looking for? Are you looking for some kind of techie job similar to what you left? If that is the case, then I think you need to beef of the details on that particular job. Whatever type of job you are applying for, you slant your resume to that job.

Reviewed and Installed Game Submissions - What does that mean exactly?

When you reviewed the game submissions - did they have to follow a certain set of guidelines? IF so, then:

Made sure each game submission

a) blah, blah, blah

b) blah, blah, blah

you get my idea

What if they didn't follow the guidelines? What did you do? Meet with the person(S) and troubleshoot with them? Or did you change the whatever to MAKE it fit the guidelines? Be specific. BEEF IT UP.

What does it mean to install game submissions. What does that entail, exactly? Can you name the steps without it getting too boring?

I would re-analyze each thing you listed in your first job description. Take it apart piece by piece and then add to it. Again, whatever job you are going for - The job in your resume that matches that should have the most detail.

Have you thought of going to a "head hunter"? I don't think they charge a fee, AND they help with the resume - I believe.

Good luck - I hope I didn't overstep any bounds here.

Unknown said...

That picture is so damn cute!

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