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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Safety

Tonight is going to be an awesome night. Many people are going to Halloween Parties. So here are some helpful Safety Tips.

  1. There are going to be tons of kids out tonight Trick or Treating. WATCH out for them.
  2. Don't allow your kids to eat the candy right away. Take it to a local hospital to have it x-rayed. Or check them carefully.
  3. If your going to a Party, and you are planing on Drinking, be sure to have a designated Driver, or take a cab. Don't Drink and Drive.
  4. If your in a costume, and need to stop at a store, be sure to take off your mask.
  5. If your are in a "Themed" Costume. Just remember Kids will come up to you and want a hug.

Most important thing of all is enjoy tonight. Be patient.



Pat said...

Allen - good advice. #3 I won't have to worry 'cause there's a dance right in the park here and it's within walking distance of our trailer.

#4 - I had to laugh. Really? People might forget they have a mask on and go into a store? I suppose it could happen. Thanks for the chuckle.

Have a good Halloween. :)

Pat said...

Okay, so I kidded you about the mask idea. Then I read in today's paper (Sunday) about a guy who entered an apartment complex that was having a party. He was wearing a skeleton mask. He demanded money and everyone thought he was kidding till he whipped out a guy. Somebody else got a baseball bat and beat the crap out of him; fellow partiers chipped in. So, yeah, I guess there IS danger in wearing a mask!

Allen said...

@ Pat, see it wasnt bad advice after all. =o)

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