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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

$500 Bet

Kevin and Michael made a $500.00 bet to quit smoking. The first person to light a cigarette and inhales looses and pays the money. I am not so sure that this is going to be a good thing for me or not. I mean, two grumpy people for a couple of weeks just does not sound like a fun thing to me.

I do know, once they quit, then I will quit. I need to as well, but I did not want to be involved in their bet.


My day alone at staples was a good one, my boss came in on his day off and helped me get started. It was nice to see him again. The weekend went well, I only had one issue. But it all worked out.

Sunday I worked 8 hours. I was a bit on the board side, so I went to the Manager on Duty and asked for some work. He gave me some tags to put on the furniture. I am glad he did, cause it kept me busy.

I am working the morning shift and will be back later to report on everything.


Larry Ohio said...

Wow, $500 is a little steep. Good luck, I'm pulling for you. How much do you spend on cigs per year? Or should I ask, used to spend?

Anonymous said...

If they/you really want to quit smoking, you'll probably need medical help. It's a rare person who can just quit smoking without any assistance.

Glad to hear the job at Staples is going well!! Yeah!!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, I am happy to hear the job at Staples is turning out to be a good thing.

Two cranky smokers, I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Anonymous said...

I will do alot for money....but give up something I love, not so of luck to them...I agree with rivers, get help, its tough;)


Sue said...

I quit using Chantix......I was amazed at how well it worked. Cigarettes taste "awful" without the nicotine doing it's thing, which is how Chantix works-it takes away the "pleasure" of the nicotine.
It's expensive, but then again, so is smoking.
I do gotta say though that at times I do miss smoking....but I've gone 2 years now, and it would be stupid to start again.
Good luck to ALL of you!

Pat said...

Wow - you're taking your life in your hands - living with two people who want to quit smoking AND you are continuing to smoke? What are you NUCKING FUTS? LOL!

Maybe you should all read Stephen King's short story on quitting smoking. That'll make ya quit!

John said...

All good comments/advice. It will just be harder for them to quit, if you don't as well. So I hope you do quit. Once everyone quits smoking, IF somebody starts up again, it will be easier to smell it (and catch them LOL). Just think of all the money you will $ave! But really, seriously, I hope you quit!

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