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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look at our Apartment


A look into our apartment. We have not spent a lot of time decorating as of yet. We are still unpacking boxes. The picture above is of our living room. Its a nice apartment for sure. The Washer and Dryer is sitting in our dining room, because the apartment complex wont allow us to hook them up. They said we have to use theirs.

Kevin and I went looking for fans last night. We went to several stores, only to find out that they are out of season. I cannot figure that one out, since we live in southern Florida. It just doesnt make since. Its still in the 80's here.

Work has been going good.


Lynda said...

I agree that it is crazy to have fans as a seasonal item in Florida! Surely there are some stores that aren't run by a central office in the midwest that would have some in stock. That's a funny for today though.

Anonymous said...

Very nice apartment...I agree about the fans, I think they should be sold yr round, but alas they are not. Much luck in the decorating my friend;)

Michael said...

In Indiana fans are sold year round, but then Indiana is full of corn fields too yet most gas stations there do not have ethanol. Here in Florida? Ethanol has to be imported from the midwest, yet it's at every station by state law. /boggle

John said...

Nice apartment indeed; I especially like the bar separating the kitchen!

Pat said...

The apartment looks real nice. So what are you going to do with the w/d? Sell them?

Have you tried stores like Home Depot or Lowes for fans? I can't imagine that they wouldn't have them.

It's the same here in AZ. There are no stores selling summer clothes, even tho the snow birds are here (me and a bazillion others). I need a new bathing suit. Can one be found? No. But I can find a winter coat! LOL!

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