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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh How Cute!

I walked out of my patio to see this. I gasped and ran to my room to grab my camera. Here a mother duck with her young.

As I snapped this picture the mother was yelling at me. I don't think she wanted her picture taken.

I walked around to their side and took this picture. The babies all followed her lead.

The momma yelled at the chicks this time and they took off in front of her. I think she told them to move.

I was going to take more pictures, but I think they were done, cause they left.

Its cool to see these wee ones. I hope they all live, but if she keeps them here, I am afraid they wont all live.


Kyle Leach said...

Allen, they are beautiful. Wonderful pics!

Sunny said...

Very cute pictures. I'm surprised that Momma duck didn't chase you! I hope the little ones will be okay.
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! I love seeing ducks follow their momma. It always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Ducks are so cute, I love them...they always make me smile...thanx;)

Sue said...

What cute pics! Momma doesn't seem to happy about it though...

Pat said...

What a pretty momma duck with those dark green feathers on her back. I don't think I've ever seen one like that. And those little ducklings are adorable. They are comical to watch, aren't they?

Jo said...

Hi, Allen! I have missed you, my friend, and am so happy to be back catching up with you (finally got my computer fixed after six weeks--ugh!).

I just wanted to return the blog love you have been so kind as to bestow upon me--your words and well wishes are always deeply felt and appreciated.

How's the new place coming along??

I hope this finds you happy and well--it's nice to see you're in good comapny with the beautiful feathered friends.

What a groovy thing to see in your own yard.

Looking forward to staying caught up with you regularly now.

Until next time, my friend!

Peace, love and happiness,
'Diary Of A Sad Housewife'

Allen said...

@ Kyle, Thanks

@ Sunny, I was worried about her chasing me. But I took them anyways.

@ Michael, yeah I thought it was cute too. =o)

@ Steven, They are very cute.

@ Sue, That is true, she wasn't happy.

@ Pat, They are comical to watch.

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