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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Patio View


I decided to show you what a view from my patio looks like with the clouds moving. Its beautiful today, 81 and no humidity, the wind has gust of 31 miles per hour. We have all the windows open in the apartment. Its awesome to have a gust of wind blowing through.

Kevin suggested that we go and hit the ball around at the tennis court. So off to the court we went. Kevin knows his limitations so he hit the ball around with Michael and I for a little while.

I asked Michael to play a set. He agreed which I was happy about. This was the first game set I had ever played. I rather enjoyed it. I lost, but no big deal. I am sure there are going to be lots more before winter is over with.

Today is my first day alone at work. I am sure all will be okay.

Have a wonderful day,


Anonymous said...

beautiful have a wonderful day as well;)

keith said...

We have been having some very unseasonable weather here in Indy. but as anyone who has ever lived here knows,Stick around it'll change. I am happy that you guys are enjoying your new digs.Sounds wonderful, wish I where there!!! Hope you all are well and I miss you guys very much.your friend always Keith

Pat said...

It's nice to have the windows open, especially if there is a breeze. Have you seen any "Palmetto" bugs yet?

How did your "unsupervised" day go?

Larry Ohio said...

Living on the coast and living in Lakeland/Orlando are like two different worlds, aren't they? I loved my years in Florida, and am glad you are enjoying yours.

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