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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fire Trucks Outside of my Apartment

This morning at 5:30 am, I had a weird dream. In my dream some guy yelled at me to wake up. I woke up, got up and fixed my coffee. I did my normal thing.

Once I started moving around I noticed flashing light in a distant. I opened the patio doors to see Fire Trucks. The Fire Men were pulling hoses into the next building down from our apartment. I am surprised that I did not hear them. I am not even sure if they used their sirens in the complex, cause I sure dont remember hearing any.

Christmas was good here, I surprised Kevin and Michael, with Christmas Lunch. I fixed us: Honey baked ham, Mashed Potato's, Green Beans, Home Made Biscuits, and Pumpkin Pie for desert. I told them that is my present to them. It was really the only think I could afford.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas day.



Lynda said...

That dinner is a great present! Those hams are not cheap. Plus you gave them a gift of yourself with the time invested. And guess you can cancel out the Scrooge of Christmas past! But I understand that anyone who works retail is fortunate to keep any holiday spirit!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful gift;)


Joann said...

Sounds like a great gift to me, Allen!! I'm sure they enjoyed it!!

Kyle Leach said...

Wow that's a feast! Such a wonderful thing to do for them. Happy holidays Allen!

Pat said...

What a nice and thoughtful gift! Happy New Year!

Allen said...

Miss Lynda, Yeah it was a great gift. Ones from the heart are the best.

Steven, Thanks

Joann, They did enjoy it. =o)

Kyle, You too.

Pat, Same to you!

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