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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Can you believe its again another year. I wonder how many people have made new years resulation? That they wont keep.

I had planned on staying up last night until midnight, but my sleeping pattern has been screwed up once again. I talked to K at work and she suggested that I buy Tylenol PM to see if that would help. Wow does it ever. I am sleeping like a baby now.

J.L. came up to me yesterday and said, "your dad is going to help fix your car, huh" and you ask "K" for time off. (he is reading my blog now.)

So I thought I would do a short post about J.L. I really did not know how to take him, when I first started at Staples. He and Mr. Bronks acts like brothers. They pick on each other. I believe they enjoy it. J.L. told me the other day, that he had no clue I was gay until I opened my mouth. He said "you walk straight" but you talk gay. I am not sure what that means. But I don't mind. J.L. is a straight man with 2 children. But he is very Gay Friendly.

When I am stressed out he comes to the Copy Center, to help out and says, " I will make you laugh" that in itself makes me smile.

I had yesterday off (well I worked my morning shift). I slept most of the day. And played World of Warcraft.

I have to work this morning again, but am I off the rest of the day. I think its time to clean and do laundry.

Have a great day all!


Unknown said...

Hope you New Years is a happy one!

Lynda said...

That sounds like a very complimentary post on J.L. - - a person who may not have your beliefs about life but it does not affect his friendship or work relationship. He sounds like a good coworker since he helps when you need it in the copy center and makes it less stressful by humor.
My husband takes Tylenol PM due to arthritis. Just make sure you always take it early enough to let it get out of your system by the time you wake up. Otherwise it can make you groggy the next morning.
Hope your new year is great and that your car gets fixed soon.

Larry Ohio said...

Happy New Year Allen :-)

Pat said...

So is it a good thing or a bad thing if a co-worker reads your blog? Just have to watch what you say I guess. How did he hear about it?

At least J.L. sounds like a friendly person.

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, Happy New Year! Finally catching up on my blogging after the holiday. Hope your new year is filled with wonderful surprises.

Allen said...

Howard, I have so far. Thanks

Miss Lynda, J.L. is a good friend. He cracks me up much anymore.

Larry, You too Larry!

Pat, Not going to watch what I say, they dont own my site. I own it. I will post what I want to here. Its my God Given Right. Not that I am preaching to you, cause yours is yours.

I suggested that they read it if they wanted to. J.L. reads it on most days. He has read a lot of my past post.

Kyle, Happy New year to you too.

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