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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deep Clean

Tuesday night Mr. Bronx and I was scheduled on the same shift. I thought this was weird, but I found out that Vice President for Copy Center was on her way. K wanted our copy center spotless.

As soon as I walked in, K said go get the supplies and start cleaning. I scrubbed the copy center, while Mr. Bronx filled orders. I cleaned everything. I even fixed some drawers that were broken. Mr. Bronx said "aren't you the butch one". I had to bend, twist, get on my knees, stretch way up, move copiers, push them back, (they are not light either), I had to scrub the counter tops, cause of the idiots that dont know how to use white out. Have you ever picked up staples out of carpet, I can say that I have now. I picked up hundreds of them. I thought using a magnet would be the simplest way to do it, but when they are embedded into it, then a magnet is worth less.

Today I am paying for it. I hurt like I had a major work out. This is part to do with the cleaning and the other part is the weather. It got down to 40 last night.

I can honestly say the copy center has never looked so clean.


Lynda said...

I agree that picking staples out of carpet is the pits. They can get so stuck in there.

I am happy for your great work but so sad for your aching body.

Pat said...

Boy you do it all at that store! I sure hope they appreciate you! I'm not sure the comment Mr. Bronx made - seems a little derogative!

Do you have a hot tub by your pool at your complex? That always eases my muscle pain!

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