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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stomach Flu

Monday and part of Tuesday I had the stomach flu. I had to work Tuesday morning, not feeling well at all, I was even late. I am never late for work, normally I am 20-30 minutes early.

I called K and told her I was running late. When I got in J.L. said "you don't look so good". I agreed with him.

The day flew by. I don't think I remember a shift that seemed so short. After work I went home and straight to bed. All I wanted to do is get some sleep. I felt exhausted. As I lay there every bone in my body ached. I think it had to do with the weather and being sick. I kept thinking to myself, go to sleep and the pain will go away.

I was asleep all of 15 minutes, when there was a knock on the door. (We have people all the time knocking on our door, cause they cannot read. We are apt. #11, but they want apt. #111.)

I rolled over and tried to ignore the knocking. The person kept knocking, soft knock, then it got louder and louder, to the point where he was beating on the door. I was furious!! I got up out of bed, put my clothes on and stormed to the door.

I swung the door open with him still knocking on it. I yelled "STOP knocking on my F*CKing Door!! " He had the deer in the headlights look. I am still yelling "What in the hell do you want?!?" He just turned and started to walk away. I slammed the door as loud and hard as I could. You know its bad enough to deal with idiots at work, but to deal with them at home too is just crazy.

The sad thing of it all was, I never could go back to sleep. I was pumped up. I still hurt and still did not feel good.

I am feeling better this morning, I still feel like I need sleep, but my stomach feels much better.

Have a great day all,

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Jo Anna (Jo) Rae said...

Hi, sweet Allen. I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling well. If it continues, PLEASE go see a doctor: I don't want to seem paranoid with every little symptom, but that's exactly how Ed was feeling when he was diagnosed with 'The Swine Flu' in December.

I'm sorry I haven't been by much lately -- I've been taking a few breathers and deciding which direction my blog and life need to go.

I'm happy you stopped by to say hello -- reminded me of how much I've missed you.

Wishing you better and healthier days ahead, my friend.

Peace and serenity,

Larry Ohio said...

Oh man! I could never deal with the door knockers. You should put a sign on the door that says Apt. 111 is UPSTAIRS.

Pat said...

Wait - you didn't even find out what the guy wanted? Wow - you really WERE feeling sick! Hope you feel better soon!

Allen said...

Jo, I am so glad to see you back with us. I miss your stories. =o)

Larry, I dont think people would even read, if I did post a sign. If they cannot read 11 vs 111. I dont think an explanation of it being upstairs would do any good. =o)

Pat, Thanks I really do feel better. =o)

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