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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making my own business card

I decided to make my own business cards for my site. I wanted something unique. So I sat down yesterday and started working on it. I first designed the back ground (wings), I added "gay pride colors" to it and feathered them out. I then added my picture and then my logo. I added text to it and there it was done.

Did you know you too can make your own business cards and have them printed at Staples?

Your card has to be 1050x600 pixels.

Its going to cost me under $25.00 to make 100 full color cards. Sweet huh?



Rae said...

Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Looks great.

Lillian Robinson said...

Nice job! Not blah like the kind you order. I make and print my own.

Allen said...

@ Rae, Thanks

@ Michael, Thank you!

@ Lily, that is awesome.

Lynda said...

Excellent price!!!! I love to shop at Staples - - - always spend too much money there - - but wait - - - - I've told you that before!

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, your new cards look awesome! Love the wings. You look like an angel!

Pat said...

Why is it I heard that Elvis song pop in my head but I changed the words to "He" - "He's a devil in disguise?" LOL! Just kidding!

Cool cards!

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