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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Requested to work Nights

I requested to work nights, instead of some nights and then some mornings. I have always been a night guy. Never in my life have I liked to wake up in the mornings. Its seems like it takes me forever to wake up.

I talked to Mr. Bronx about it first, he said he hates working the night shift. So I talked to K and she said she could do that as longs as I am ok with opening once in awhile, (to cover vacations). I agreed with that.

Have a great day all,


Wonder Man said...

that's crazy

Anonymous said...

Frustration comes when our expectations and reality don't meet up. Maybe if you could adjust your thinking to expect customers to ask "stupid" questions it wouldn't bother you. Then instead of being annoyed when they do, you can be pleasantly surprised when they don't. It might help keep your sanity in retail :)

Anonymous said...

I've never been a morning person either, so I'm with you on that one!

Lynda said...

My only problem with working a second shift (when I was younger) is I would end up sleeping too late many mornings. Then I would feel like I hadn't been home that long. It's great that you will get to do what works best for you though. Hooray for bosses who work with your requests.

John said...

Glad you got some nights as requested. Like you and Michael, I am no morning person either! As a matter of fact, I am at work now (taking a little break obviously). But at least my statements will be dated and postmarked the 1st! Any work that I can do at night, I'd rather do it at night.

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