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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Slamming the Mormon Faith

I just found out that Roseanne Barr posted on her blog about the Mormon Faith. Her blog post title is: marie osmond's poor gay son killed himself.

Marie Osmond's 19 year old son Michael Blosil has killed himself by leaping to his death off a Los Angeles apartment building Friday night. He took his own life cause he was gay and the Mormon had their nasty hands in it.

Roseanne said

Yet, even though the people they say they love the most in all of their public displays and speeches (THEIR KIDS AND FAMILY!!) are gay,-- their own children,for crying out loud- these people cannot find the christian decency and compassion within themselves to stop their hypocritical gay bashing!!
How sickening. I know so many mormon kids who were gay and committed suicide, and I just cannot and will not stay quiet in order to not offend bigots anymore. It is all so terribly depressing.

Barr adds her own message to the late teen:

"If I had been your mom, I would have told you that some of the greatest and smartest and most artistic people who ever lived were gay. I would have shielded you from bigots who tore at your soul, like the ones that unfortunately were closest to you. To all the gay Mormon children out there in the world, I will be your mom! I love you!"


When I read about Michael's death, I was heart broken. Yet another brother died to the hand of a religious group. Religions needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

I blame the Mormon's, they probably were up on that roof with him and pushed him off the building.

This is such a sad day =o(



RAD said... many stuggles with faith and being much pressure! Hard to place total blame but I am sure his mormon values contributed to this very sad sitch....

Joann said...

I'm a Christian, but I would never condemn someone for being gay, I know that God loves them every bit as much as He loves me or anyone else. My beliefs are my own, and I have every right to believe what I want and not push them on anyone else. I can pray for people to know Jesus, and not worry about anything else.... I have too many sins of my own to worry about.... the Mormons do too.

Pat said...

This is the first I heard that her son was gay. I believe it's hard, in any family, to announce that news, let alone a family who is Mormon.

I believe Jesus welcomes all into his kingdom.

John said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Allen. I just love Roseanne, and I think she really does know a lot of these, what I'll call "dirty little secrets" of the Mormons. I haven't yet read her blog, so I don't know how much she said about Marie Osmond. I'm also glad to see that you didn't say anything bad about Marie Osmond. She has been a good Mother to her children.

It's no secret that I am a fan of Marie's (it goes back to growing up in the 70's LOL). I hope people realize that Marie has an openly gay daughter and she is very supportive that daughter and has even publicly said so last year.

I don't know what Roseanne really means when she says "I will be your, Mom!" Marie has done the best that she could as a Mom and when I saw her Christmas touring show in Springfield a few years ago, she had ALL of her children with her. They came out on stage with her at one point. I just don't want people to BLAME Marie (thank you Allen for not doing that), because it is not HER fault.

I do believe that Micahel (R.I.P.) must have had many struggles with being Mormon and I think it probably had a lot to do with his suicide. But we will probably never know all the details, and really it's such a private and personal matter, and none of our business. Michael was not a public figure after all.

On the other hand, I want people to know that unlike Marie Osmond, her brother DONNY OSMOND is a big homophobe and he has made that quite clear publicly many times! This of course goes back to his being a Mormon.

My comment is long enough or I would sight my sources, but anybody that doubts what I say can just google and they will find it to be true. BTW, KennethInThe212 blogged about this very issue last year and he does have his sources referenced there.

Jo said...

I had no idea Michael was gay and I believe the Mormon faith to be toxic in this regard IF there is any shred of truth to this.

When the F*@& will people realize that love is simply love and comes in many forms?

The gay bashing is tired and played out.

Good for Roseanne for speaking out on this issue.

I don't know what Marie's role was in this in regards to Mormonism perhaps conflicting with Michael's lifestyle, but she seems like a very caring Mother -- gay or not, no Mom wants to see her son so tormented.

May Michael rest in peace now and may everyone who doesn't get that there is room in this big world for diversity become enlightened on the true meaning of the words love and acceptance.

Thank you, Allen, for such an enlightening post.

Much love, hugs and coffee breaks, my friend,

Larry Ohio said...

I hope he didn't die in vain. Maybe because he was the son of the most famous Mormon family his suicide will bring about a change in attitude among the Mormons.

Seth R. said...

I'm Mormon. I don't have any particular problem with gay people. Certainly nothing worth ostracizing someone in my family over.

I know plenty of Mormons who feel the same way as well.

Lynda said...

It's just sad when anyone feels that their life is not worth living anymore. Each of us has so much to contribute to society and God gave each of us a purpose in this life. There is such a difference between religion and a relationship with Christ. Religion can even kill Christians by draining the life out of them.

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, they may not have been on the roof, but they certainly led him there, with there toxic intolerance and condescending attitudes.

Seth R. said...

News update.

Rosanne has retracted her comments admitting that she doesn't know if the Osmond kid was gay or not. You can read more details from this gay blogger here:

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