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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day at the BEACH is better than a Day at work!

Michael, Kevin and I went to the "gay" part of Ft. Lauderdale Beach today. We needed something new to do. We thought this would be a great day. And it was.

The view was just beautiful. Partly cloudy, perfect time to go, plus the wind was blowing, it was 81 degrees with a brisk wind. So we did not feel the heat. Our skins did though.

I saw this clump of trees, I thought it was so cool looking it was right next to the beach.

As I walked around the beach, I saw this flower. I thought at first glance it was little red hearts.

This family was saving a jelly fish. I couldn't figure it out at first, they were acting weird, so I started up my camera. Then I saw them use a stick to push a jelly fish back into the ocean. You can see the kid jump for joy.

Have a great day all,


Pat said...

Boy - those were nice people. Did you ever get stung by a jellyfish? That hurts! We used to bring a bottle of meat tenderizer with us to the beach. That's what you put on it! Looks like a beautiful day on the beach!

John said...

Hey thanks for sharing those great photos and the video! It sure looks nice and peaceful and beautiful, but also so isolated! Glad you guys could take time and enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

Lillian Robinson said...

Once a jelly fish had washed up on a beach where I was. A small crowd quickly gathered around, everyone being cautious not to touch the evil one! The a young boy broke through the circle. "Wow!" He scooped up the jellyfish and off he went to find his mother!

The beach is so relaxing. Glad you had fun.

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