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Friday, April 2, 2010

First Time in 44 years

Its the first time in 44 years that I have been able to grow a mustache/goatee.

I have waited all my life to grow it. I only shave once every couple of weeks. Before it it was once a month.

I am proud of it. I know people that have had theirs since they were a teenager. But not me. I took after my father that had the same problem as I.

Many people over the years has told me, that I should feel lucky that I dont have to shave every day and some times twice a day.


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John said...

Looks good. I could never grow a goatee because of surgery scars on my chin, but I always had a mustache up until the late 80's.

Add some of that "Just for Men/Beards & Mustache" color, you just brush it in. It'll make it look even thicker. I used to do that until I got tired of fighting the gray LOL. You don't need it for gray, but you might want to have your mustache darker--can't hardly see it in the picture.

Did you know Obama cannot grow a beard? It's true, I heard him say it (don't know why he said it) during the campaign.

Cubby said...

Looking good ;-)

I'm like you and your father (and apparently the president) and cannot grow a moustache or beard. Greg grows as much facial hair in an afternoon than I grow in 3 days :-( I like to say that my soul has a beard even if my body does not.

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