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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Captcha or Not to Captcha

When I first started my blog, I wanted folks to leave me a comment. I went down my long list of things for my comments area. I pretty much selected everything that they had to offer.

But after blogging for over a year now, I understand why I don't want the Captcha. I took the Captcha off of my blog, so that it would be simpler for my readers to leave comments.

John over at Johnabuzz said:

I wanted to THANK YOU so much for making it easier for us to post comments!! Didn't want you to think I didn't notice that! You can always delete spam, etc. And I must admit that blogs that make it take longer to leave a comment, well, I just rather not take the time a lot of times. So you should get more comments once people realize that you have made it easier for them. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

You are WELCOME John, Thank You for suggesting it!!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes it can be a pain. I do understand why people use it. I wish we could mark people as "safe" to leave comments. We're always learning new things about the blogging world!

Bombshell BLISS said...

Well I for one tend to read your blog every time you post, I am very remiss about leaving comments though so anything that helps this old woman along is a good thing.

Cubby said...

I dislike captcha intensely (in general, not just your blog). I can't read them so I have to always get a second one to try and many times I can't read that one either. I am careful to copy my comment onto my clipboard in case I get locked out of the blog and have to start all over again. But sometimes I just say "screw it" and not leave a comment.

I tried the audio captcha a few times but that is even worse! It's about impossible to listen for one voice to speak a series of numbers while a dozen other voices are speaking at the same time. I honestly don't know how blind people can do it. I remember at one blog I tried this all the voices had heavy Japanese accents!

I'd like to see a system where a blog author can put a trusted commenter on a white list so that the commenter will never have to be bothered with security measures again.

John said...

Hey thanks for the shout out, Allen! I must agree with Cubby about the Captcha, I always had problems with it too (not just here). It would be so frustrating at times that I just said screw it too and just didn't comment. It's especially frustrating, when you think you might have a really good comment to contribute and not just something like "nice post or me me me."

And thank you for not having that "will be published after approval." I don't understand what is so scary about a comment needing approved, when they can be easily deleted. But some bloggers do that too. If you forget to subscribe to comments, then you don't know if your comment got published or not unless you go BACK. Shoot, I am lucky to make it to blogs once LOL...and if your comment is not published, then you never know why and feel like you wasted your time. So thank you for not doing that also!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

This old broad thanks you for changing the format. Sometimes it's hard to read exactly what they're asking for....then they want to know if I'm handicap and need to have the word said aloud. Uh, no, just can't READ the dang word!

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