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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jupiter Visible to the Naked Eye

Jupiter was visible to the naked eye on 9/20/10. I thought I would take pictures of it, so that you all could see it. Jupiter swings by our planet once every 60 years.

These pictures I took with a wide lens. I thought it looked very cool with the moon in the shot.

Have a great day all.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I wish I had known this. I always try to catch these things!

Lynda said...

You did a great job of photographing that event. It's very good to hear from you again. You have probably been busy with the move and settling in your new neighborhood.

Pat said...

Thanks for straightening me out. I thought it was Venus.Good to hear from you!

Jo said...

I'm so sorry -- and embarrassed -- to say that I don't always pay enough attention to the sky as I should -- shame on me, look what I missed!

Thankfully, you were there to capture it for us!

I'm also sorry I've been such a bad blog friend and haven't come by to see you as much as I should -- I actually haven't blogged for a few weeks (up until yesterday) and am now trying to catch up with my good blog friends and their blogs.

I am still wanting that coffee with you and every morning when I go to fill my mug up for the umpteenth time, I think of my sweet friend, Allen, and how nice it would be to have coffee with him in person.

::Fingers crossed for one day::

Love you,

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