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Monday, December 6, 2010

First official Day on the Job

Sunday was my first official day in management. It was trying to say the least. Cause my friends are my employees now.

One thing that always got on my nerves before was people standing around when they should be working. When they did it yesterday, I went up to them and asked, "why are you just standing around?" I wasn't mean about it. But they got the idea. Later the second shift people showed up and were just standing around. I asked them the same question. One of them was a smart ass and asked "Who are you to be asking me that question?" I simply smiled and said your boss.

I am the new complaint department.

When a customer came in with a problem, my boss sent them to me. He wanted to see how I handled the situations.

The GM gave me a huge list of things that she wanted me to take over. Different departments. Like the storage room, Ink isle, setting plans, and I am over all the cashiers.

I have to test the cashiers every month to see if they really know what they are doing. That should be fun. =o)


Cubby said...

Good luck to you.

Pat said...

It's hard to go from co-worker to boss. But it will eventually sink in with everyone! Good luck!

John said...

Congratulations on your promotion! You will definitely have to limit socializing with the employees now. Glad you realize that. Ron and I agreed a long time ago that we will not socialize with employees. It just makes good sense. Stick to your company's policy & procedures manual and you can't hardly go wrong!

Lynda said...

From your report, it sounds like you will do well. You seem very conscientious about work ethics and giving a good day of labor for your paycheck. Just remember that there will always be some employees who will always be a problem but what my daughter and I have both learned as bosses - - - - that if you encourage those under you, and praise them when they do well, more often than not, they will work harder and better. I'm proud of you.

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