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Friday, December 3, 2010

So Painful

While at work the other day (2 days ago), I was in the back of the store, and was paged to the front of the store. I did not run, but I was walking fast. I was looking down at my feet and the next thing I knew the floor was getting really close. Our floor has black carpet, so it felt like I was blacking out, but then it dawned on me that I was falling down, my body knew it and threw my hands out to catch me, but it was to late.

I fell on my right side hurting my right wrist, shoulder, and hip. I rolled on to my back to make sure there was nothing broke. I first looked up and noticed this huge hole in the ceiling, I had never noticed it before. (I see it all the time now) I checked everything out, and it seemed ok. I was still being paged to the front. I get up and limp to the front of the store, it was a guy in the copy centers self-serve copier, that did not how to operate the copier. He asked "How do I use this dumb thing?" I looked at him and down at the machine, I stared at it for a bit, I couldn't remember. I guess I was in more pain than anything. I finally figured it out, showed him what to do and then went to the copy center and sat down on the stool. The copy center got really busy, my pain went away.

This morning when I woke up, I hurt, I mean I really hurt. (it was 54 degrees in my room) Every move I made hurt, and I would yelp out loud. The cold had gotten to my bones and yes it hurt. My arthritis was wide awake.

I decided to I did not want to wake up to a cold room in the morning. So I decided to go buy an electric heater. I was really glad that I had the day off. I went out when it warmed up and thought I would run up to the K-mart and buy a electric heater. I looked up and down the isles, in most of the departments. I could not find one. I went up to the clerk and asked. She looked at me crazy and said "we dont sell those here, we live in florida". I went to 4 stores before I found one. Most of them said the same thing.

Colorful Sky

I went out to my patio this evening and saw this beautiful sky.

It had gray, blue, purple, pink, white, & light pink. Pretty huh?


Lynda said...

That is a pretty sky - - - it looks like a painting. Is your weather typical for this time of year in your region? Keep in mind that you may be even more sore tomorrow because the third day after surgery or an accident can be quite painful, too. So sorry that happened to you and am glad it was not even worse.

Cubby said...

An electric blanket may be a good idea too.

John said...

Dammit Cubby, you stoled my comment! LOL

Allen, sorry to hear about your injury! My legs hurt almost every time a big rain is approaching, like 8 or so hours before and it has something to do with barometric pressure for me and I get a lot of relief from an electric blanket and also from long hot baths in epson salt.

We have 3 concrete steps at work that lead up to my office area and our store is real long and 2 levels and I fell running up those stairs before. I hurt too for a week or so! I told everybody that I was not going to "run" up and down those stairs ever again and I will tear somebody a new one if they leave things sitting on the stairs. I can get away with it since we're self employed, but I hope you can let them know you can't be running anymore!

Pat said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!

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