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Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Bought A New Toy for the Beach

I bought 10x25 Digital Camera Binoculars for $33.00.

I wanted binoculars so that I could people watch and so that I could see way off in the ocean.
We Kevin, Michael and I have been going to the beach every week. Its great fun and we are getting a tan to boot. The water last week was nice and calm. But this week there were waves up over 5'. I did some swimming and let me tell you its not easy to swim in ruff water. I am pretty sore today.

This is a picture of the life guard.

A ship out in the ocean.

I was scanning the ocean and spotted this ship. You could see it better in the binoculars. I could make out that is was a cargo ship. I could even see the crane.

I took a picture of this guy, but in the binoculars, you could see all of him, but when I got home this was all that you could see. The pictures are not the greatest but hey I did not spend $800 on it either.


Work is going good, I am being trained as a Manager. My new title is Customer Service Manager. I have learned enough to open and close the store by myself as a manager. I never realized how much a manager had to know. There are still tons of stuff that I dont know. But I am sure over time I will get it.


Lynda said...

This was a great post because I can hear how happy you are doing.

Pat said...

Congrats on the new title and responsibilities at work! At first I thought you could take pictures with your binoculars. Wouldn't that be cool!

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