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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Birthday

I dont know what got into me this year. I wanted to have my birthday off from work. I normally just dont care, but this time I wanted it off. I asked and got it.

Kevin wanted to know what I wanted to eat on my birthday. I said Steak. He asked where did I want to eat at. I quickly said Chris and Marks.

Chris and Mark are two dear friends of mine here in Florida. We met when I was working at the Bingo Hall. They told me that they do massages and I should come by and have one done. I used to have a massage at least once a week in Indiana but havent really looked at getting one here. I scheduled a massage, and well they have magical fingers. I enjoyed the massage. (if you are ever down here on vacation and want a very good massage tell Chris or Mark I sent you)

While talking to them I found out that they love to play games.  We meet about once every two weeks to play games. Its quite the fun. Chris and Mark have been a couple for the past 16 years.

So for my birthday I wanted steak. I suggest their house, since I know that Chris is a picky eater and he is picky where he eats at. So I called them and asked if it would be ok to bring steaks over and cook them on their grill. Chris said he would love to have us over.

I know its blurry - sorry

We got there a little after 1pm, it was a beautiful day. High was about 80 degrees, and sunny.  I walked into their kitchen, and there on the counter was a birthday cake, with so many candles on it. I laughed on the inside. Thinking back to my earlier years where there were only a few candles.

I really was not expecting a cake, I just wanted to spend my birthday with my "Family".  So in attendance was: Me, Kevin, Chris, Mark, Michael and his boyfriend.

We ate steak, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans. The lunch was great! Afterwards we played games, we waited to eat the cake until about 4pm.

Thanks everyone for making my Birthday a great Day!
Love ya,


Lynda said...

YUM!!!! Chocolate on the cake - - steak & those veggies. I would have liked that meal and could have celebrated with you because my birthday is MONDAY!!! That's another reason we get along fine cuz we almost share the same birthday. Happy Birthday, Friend.

Pat said...

Well, happy, HAPPY Birthday! Sounds like a fun time with friends!

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