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Friday, July 20, 2012


At the first of this year, I went to my new Dr. and in our "meet and greet" I told him that I am not a druggy. I dont normally take drugs unless it is absolutely necessary, ie: bad head ache. But other than that I probably wouldn't take them. He said "if your life depended on it, you would". Well he was right.

3 of the bottles are for my back. 4 of the bottles are for my blood clot. 

Now trying to keep up with all this is nuts in its self. I mean I have a hard time remembering if I took them or not. There was one night I freaked out so bad, that I had to sit down and count the pills to see if I took it. I didn't.

While at the pharmacy I found this on the counter and took one. It has made my life so much better.


I am still not at work. I am not sure what the hold up is. Its a waiting game. The only problem with this game, I am running out of money quickly.

1 comment:

Pat said...

You definitely need a pill sorter to keep all the medication straight! I take about 17 pills a day - 10 in the morning, 7 at night. I wouldn't be able to keep it all straight without one of those cases, that's for sure!

Hope you get back to work soon!

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