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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Working on my house, never goes how I expect it to.

Last week when it was pretty warm here, it was 83 out and 95 in the house, even with the air running full blast. My air conditioner could not keep up.  I scratched my head trying to figure it out. I put my hand up on the ceiling and it was HOT, but it was only in spots.

I got the bright idea to pull a section of it down. What I found was ....

... some idiot put 16" wide insulation into a 22" wide hole and called it all good. I mean what kind of nut would do this?


I get online to find insulation, I found that Lowes had the best price on it. I went there and they did not carry it in the store, only could be ordered online. I went to the customer service desk and asked if I could just buy it online, while I was there and have it delivered to their store. The associate said sure, lets look it up. We found what I needed, she clicked on the buy button, and I asked what was the delivery date? She said you can have it in 31 days. I said what?  31 days is way to long to wait. I really need it before it gets any hotter. She said sorry that is all we can do. I grabbed my stuff and headed for the check out. I was aggravated. I get to the cashier, this lady was in her late 50's I am guessing and she said hows your day? I said it would be better if I could get what I needed sooner. She looked at me and said with a very straight face and said "We are not Miracle Workers and Home Depot is right down the street!" I just could not believe what she just said to me. I was not only aggravated, but now I was ticked off.

Home Depot

I calmed myself down as I drove to Home Depot. I did not want to be an unhappy customer going into another store. I know what its like when they come into my store.

I walk in and head to the insulation isle. I walk up it and down it. All I saw was 15" wide insulation. I was thinking to myself this is not my day. I stood there and just stared at it. Not knowing what on earth I was going to do. I hear a man behind me, he said sir do you need some help. I turned around, it was a worker, he was in his late 50's too. I said well Ron it doesn't look like you have what I need. Ron said what project are you doing? I said I am putting insulation in my ceiling and the rafters are 22" apart. Ron said well we do have what you need, its an R-19 its right down here. We walked less than 3 feet. I looked at the price and thought wow that is going to cost me so much. But what I did not realize was it was cheaper than what I was going to spend at Lowes.

Back Home

I put on my insulation pants, long sleeve shirt, face mask, eye goggles, and hat. I covered everything in plastic.

I start tearing out the old insulation and carrying out one load at a time to the dumpster. In and out, back and forth, over and over, until boom my body is flying through the air and all I could do was to think I am going to hit the freaking wall. I stopped about 2" from the wall. I laid on the floor for a while and thought wow that was a close one. I rolled over and looked up. I slowly sat up, I freaking hurt, both of my knees hurt, my thumb hurts, both of my arms hurt.

I just sat there for awhile, and said to myself, I should have stayed in the bed.  I looked back up at my ceiling and said well no one else is going to finish this, so I need to get up and get it done. Before I started moving, I pull up both of my pant legs to make sure I wasn't bleeding. Since I am on blood thinner, I did not want to have to go to the ER for it. I check both and they seem to be fine. (I still cannot figure out how I hurt both of my arms. I mean I fell on my thumb and knees, not my arms. Just crazy.) I slowly get back up and finish tearing out the old insulation.

On to the next..

I decided to open the bag of insulation. I slowly cut down one side and it was like a flower opening up. It spread open and I had pieces of insulation everywhere. I just stood there for a minute. I grab all the pieces and stack them so I would have room to work. I measured the first opening, took my scissors out and slowly cut down my cut mark. I took the first piece put it up and took my electric staple gun and stapled the first side, and when I pulled it up to staple the second side the first side tore out and fell on the floor. It took me over an hour to put two pieces up. I thought its going to take me all day at this rate. I went outside, I needed a break, it was raining, and I thought getting wet might be a good way to cool off.

While I was outside my neighbor was out on his stairs. I walked over and said hey Frank whats going on? he said I got rained out. He is a barefoot roofer. (Yes I saw pictures of him in his bare feet on a roof.) He offered me a cup of coffee and I gladly accepted. I asked do you think you could help me put insulation up?  He said sure, let me get dressed. I sat there sipping on my coffee while I waited for him. I thanked him for the coffee and the help.

Back in the house.

We walk in and he said, wow its all clean, I said yes, just need to put this up. I told him how long it took me to put those two pieces in and he laughed at me. He grabs the first piece and I went over the help hold it up, he said, no offence, but please move. I backed away, he said watch and learn. I said ok. He put the first piece on the floor, looked up at the hole, looked down and cut it. Perfect fit every single time. It sounded like a machine gun going off in my house. Within an hour it was all up. I just stood there in amazement. He said I used to do this for a living.

I tried to give him some money for his help and he refused it. He just said "I was happy to help."

I cleaned up the house, and today it was cooler in the house than it was outside. I am so happy to have such good neighbors.

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Lynda said...

You are to be commended for not being afraid of hard work and persevering until you find the solution to the problem. What a GREAT neighbor you have! I hope you are not too sore tomorrow from your fall today. And if you have time, I would email Lowe's customer service online and let them know how they were not helpful to you today! You have a way with words and will be able to diplomatically tell them about their lengthy delivery time and "helpful" cashier!

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