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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Cousins Wedding

On Monday September 23, my cousin decided to get married.  I couldn't for the life of me think why on earth he would have it on a Monday. But I told him I would go. I requested the day off from work.

It was funny really, cause the night before the wedding, I texted him and asked what is the dress code? He said formal. I was oh man, I don't even know where any of my ties are. I had to search the house for over two hours and then I finally found one. 

The wedding was supposed to start at 4pm. I checked google maps and found out that it was 1.45 hours away. I decided to leave a little early just incase.

I woke up to the hardest rain I have heard on my roof. I thought this ought to be fun to drive in. When I left the house, it was not raining. I was happy to see that it had stopped. I stopped and got gas and a drink. Hit the road, as soon as I entered the interstate, here came the rain again. It was like a monsoon. I mean it was like people was throwing buckets of water on the truck. I starting singing the theme song to Gilligans Island. I thought it was proper thing to sing on a day like this.

What was supposed to be 1.45 hours drive turned into 3.0 hours drive. The drivers, including the truckers were driving 35 mph in a 70 mph road.  I am glad that I had made it there, but was ready to go in and get to a bathroom. I walked up to the door, to be stopped by a woman that said we are not opening the doors until 4pm. I begged her to let me in so that I could go to the bathroom. She finally gave in. Not a minute too soon either.

 They opened the doors and gave us our seating assignments. My seat was a good one for taking pictures.

This is Scott and Tiffany.  
The flower girl was so scared that she was going to get in trouble for dropping the flowers on the floor. Everyone was telling her it was ok this time. =o)

The bride Laura and her mother.

 Steph told me before the wedding started that he was so nervous. I told him just take a deep breath it would all be ok. When Steph spoke none of us could hear him. He was very soft spoken.




I didn't get the picture of the kiss. My camera thought right then would be a great time to shut off.

The Victory, you can tell how happy they are! 
This picture, I wanted to make them two stand out. I thought it worked ok.

They had for us a full course meal. It was really good.

Laura and Mother dance. 


 Steph and mom dance. (sorry about the pictures.)

See the tie I wore. LOL my three stooges tie. 
(this picture was messed up because it was so cold inside and so humid out.)

I found out during the wedding that the reason it was on Monday, September 23 is because it was on that date that they met for the first time. I thought that was so sweet.
Congrats YOU TWO!!

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