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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

R.A.D. Services of Largo LLC

Its now official. Our name that is. We tried to get some other names, but they were already taken. So that is it R.A.D. Services of Largo LLC.

Since the last time I posted, we have done a few jobs. We got a call from a guy that needed some things done on his rental property.

He needed screen put into his screen room.

He needed a door hung and fit.

He needed a dryer vent installed. It was not an easy task, we had to punch through a concrete wall.

The next one wanted her windows cleaned. They were a mess too. 

 Her dogs just laid there the entire time. lol

Once I was done they looked really good. =o)


This customer said, look at what the contractors left me, one panel of siding out.

They all so left large gaps in the trim work. He called the company that did this, and they told him to bad.

We fixed his trim with no gaps
 We added new siding to the one that was missing.


We had the one lady that called us to do an estimate, she said her ceiling fan was broke and so was her bathroom sink. When we got there, I found a fan blade that came loose, I just tightened it and the fan worked just like new. She showed us the sink, and we just had to clean the screen in it. It was fixed.

She was so pleased at everything we did, she asked how much, and we said $15 for gas. She happily agreed and has been giving our cards out to many people.



Pat said...

MANY people would be thrilled to have handymen who are HONEST and skilled at their trade! You guys do GREAT work! My sisters AND my husband wish you lived near us....he's tired of helping out my sisters all the time and doing THEIR projects! LOL!

Lynda said...

Excellent report! You sound like you really enjoy doing these jobs, too. That makes a big difference. We just had a bunch of stuff done and hopefully at some point I will get to post it. We love our contractors. They are super, super honest and really know their stuff.

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