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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some Customers Makes Me So Angry

So I get to work tonight, and the first thing out of the Managers mouth was. A guy called the Presidents office about you. Its a complaint. It happened on Saturday 7-25.

She said here read it for yourself. It said " Allen doesn't like his job, he is slow at doing orders, he is rude, and he doesn't even know how to use Photo Shop. He is only taking up space as an employee."

I stood there for a second and looked at my manger. I said I know exactly who this guy is. I described him to her and she said yes I know who you are talking about.

I dont understand. (she looked puzzled) I did not wait on him. It was another employee. And the other employee asked me if I knew anything about Photo Shop. And I said no. I said that is what our other department is for. That was all the interaction I had with this guy.

So my question is, why did he single me out?  Is it because I am gay and not in a closet?
Maybe the nails scared him?

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