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Sunday, September 18, 2016

DIY Solar Hot Water System


Hot Water on Demand. I demand it and normally don't get it. I have an electric one, it works well, but it waste money, time and water.

How you ask? Well with my plumbing, it goes from the unit to my kitchen sink, which is about 50 feet.  I have to run the water to get the unit to produce hot water, I have to wait for all the cold water to leave the 50 feet and then wait for the hot water to reach me. Time wasted. Plus 50 feet of water down the drain, and add 50 feet of hot water in electric, and another 50 feet wasted hot water sitting in the line after I am done washing dishes.


I went on youtube and re-searched DIY Solar Hot Water Systems. I never found anything I could do on a small scale. Most of them out there are huge, which wont fit in my yard at all. I needed something small.


Thought about it for sometime. And it came to me in a dream.

I went to my local hardware and grocery stores the next day. Here is the list that I bought:

1. - 5 gallon bucket w/ sealing lid
2. - 50' white garden hose.
3. - 1 can of flat black paint
4. - 2 gallons of cooking oil


Here are the steps:

1. Cut two holes as close to the top of the bucket.
2. Paint the bucket and lid with the Flat Black Paint. Let it dry.
3. Coil the hose in the bucket and put the ends through each holes.
4. Seal the gaps around the hoses.
5. Pour in the cooking oil.
6. Put the lid on
7. Hook up the hoses.
8. Turn on water
9. Wait and test the water.


The black paint on the bucket attracts the heat from the sun, it then transfers that heats to the oil, which then heats up the water in the hose.


I set this completely up in the early morning. I waited and waited. I thought I had made a dud. But as the day went on. I became excited.

High Noon

2:30 pm

4:30 pm

I left for work that day, I worked until 9:30 pm. Got home by 10 pm and needed to wash my hands. I turned on the hot water, and I still had very warm water. I am impressed with this.

It cost me all total $20 to make this. WoW I finally made something that works!!

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