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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Maintenance Man

I accepted a job as a Maintenance Man at my mobile home park. Its a part time position.

I interviewed for the position 8 months ago. It was given to another man in the park that had more experience than I. I was not angry in any way towards this guy. I actually befriended him. I figured I could learn something from him.

My job is quite different every single day. I love it. Not doing repetitive things like filling stock, making copies, running a register or saying "do you have a rewards card?" "What can I help you find? or better yet, "It was my pleasure".

I have been in the customer service for over 25 years. Time for a change.

So on July 18th I accepted the job.

My boss is a great guy, he is easy going and easy to work for.

He hands me a paper to show me my salary and benefits, I get paid weekly, I get a nice salary, my lot rent is paid, my water bill is paid, my garbage is paid, my lawn care is paid, my electric is paid, I even get paid holidays and I read the meters once a month, I work Monday thru Friday 8am to 12pm.

Forced to resign

I was forced to resign from Staples. I have worked there for over 10 years. I just wanted to work weekends only for awhile. But the GM of the store, wanted me to give her a 30 day notice, before she would change my schedule.  So instead of continue to work for them. I was forced to put my two weeks notice in.

Alot has happened in the past two weeks. 

I have to clean the park from 8am to 9am. I go around the park picking up trash, emptying all trash cans, and clean the laundry room. At 9am I go to the office and pick up my work orders for the day. Normally at noon, I am sitting down for lunch.

I have met with 12 different contractors, such as, termite fumigation companies, handy men, painters, general contractors, plumbers and electricians.

I have replaced so far one water meter, changed two locks, put a new door on, replace a floor, sprayed 2 homes for nasty smells, rip out carpet in one unit, fixed a leaky roof, sold one home, cleaned out a storage unit, made sure our sub contractors are doing what they are supposed to be doing,  install a window blind. etc.


For the past two years that I lived here, I only know a hand full of them. I am not a social butterfly. I dont like gossip. and I really dont like drama.

We have one tenant that drove through a puddle of water, that he could  avoided, but he chose to drive through it anyways, and flooded out his card and blew up his engine. He blames the park, but clearly its his fault. He has been on every social media that he could find to blame the park for his mistake.

One complained that the laundry machines went up a quarter. One complained that I was driving on her flowers. (I said um who are you?) One that complained that I gave her house roaches. LOL really I did that. omg what is wrong with people?

I am happy with my new position. Its hard work sometimes, but I am loving it.

Have a great day all,

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