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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

First Weekend Off in Forever

Last weekend July 29th thru 31st, I built a privacy fence in front of my carport.  I needed a place to store and charge the golf cart.

I told my Father that, I thought it would take me a day to build but in fact it took me almost 3 days to build. I built it, so that I had space at the bottom so if my property would flood, the water could go out of the car port.

To the left is the doors for the golf cart to go through. I still have to add locks and a door bell. Building it was the simple part, painting it was the hardest part of the entire project. All the lattice had to be painted.  I added my plants to the front to give it some color.

I finished this just in time before it started raining.

On Monday August 1st, Tropical Storm Emily decided to pay us a visit.

This is what she left behind.

My street normally floods, and we have been trying really hard to fix the problem. We had plumbers come out on monday to fix the problem. They was going to clean out the pipes, but found a problem. There is a blockage somewhere, they told us they cannot clean out the pipes until they can remove the blockage.

They took a camera and ran it up the storm drain from the street. They found a piece of concrete blocking the path of the water, they said that they need to tear up the street to open up the transfer box and fix the problem.

The plumbing company gave us a quote to fix the problem. Now we are waiting to hear back from the home office.

I hope and pray that we don't have another flood.

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