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Friday, April 24, 2009

Back from A.C.'s House

Yesterday I went to A.C.'s house, she needed a few things done. Like mowing her yard. Her yard is a pretty small yard. So it didn't take long to mow. Weed eating is the worst thing about mowing. I just don't like it. I mean hello, the thing shakes like crazy, and you get grass all over you and then if you have shorts on, you get grass blades hitting you at high force. It stings a bit.

I also cleaned up her porch and then disassembled a swing and put it back together on her porch. I thought it looked good. She was happy with the results.

Other than that it was a nice day there. I spent the night, which was nice, except for her cat. He is a bit weird. He gets out of the house all the time. But when he wants in he climbs up on the car and them makes a flying leap for the window of the house. You hear thump, then its quite for a minute then you hear thump again. This happened all night. Part of the night I thought someone was trying to break in. But the dogs never barked, I guess that they are used to it, where as I wasn't.


John said...

Thank God for people like you that will actually do a throrough job with the lawn. I am terrible with a weed eater and sometimes can't even start one.

OMG a cat jumping in and out of an opened (an opened!)window all night. I couldn't have sleeped a wink!

Glad to see you blogging again!
Have a great weekend.

AC said...

Allen you are so wonderfully. Helping me and Q out like you do. Sorry bout the psycho kitty, he can't help it he was dropped on his head as a kitten (I'm just sure of it) lol.
Probly would have been better if the window had been open, except you'd have froze, at least then he wouldn't have woke you thumping on the glass LOL
Luv Ya

Allen said...

@ John - Thanks I am glad to be blogging again too. I was in a slump. Writers block and stress. Or may be it was stress that caused the writers block. Who knows. =o)

@ AC - You are right about me freezing. But you could have opened your window and then I wouldnt have felt it. hehe

John said...

I had to come back to read about psycho cat again. That was so funny & OMG AC left a comment too. I want her to know I love cats you know, and have several outside (barn cats) and 3 inside, I have a cat that likes to run in and out, but I'm like "Tommy, it's either in our out, now make up your mind!" I think he's a little deaf too.

Anyway I wanted to thank you for reading my post about the Honest Scrap long as it was and you read all of it and saw it passed on to you! So I didn't really have to notify you. Congratulations!

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