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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The W.O.W. Look

Me and a few of my closest friends play World of Warcraft. We were all on WoW, playing hard. Trying to get the next lvl. I have been for the past month or so to level my Mage up. Sinda is level 70. I still have 10 levels to go with her. Sinda is in a guild its called

If you look at someone playing Wow, you see this, the left hand is on the keyboard, the right hand is on the mouse. The persons face can either be happy, frusterated, and/or confused. But the look is the same for most of the game.

I never knew that I could learn how to use just my left hand on a keyboard. I know all the number keys 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = 12 keys to press durning a fight. Then you have the same numbers while holding down the ctrl key so you have a total of 24 keys to press.

Other keys that is used are:

L - Quest Log

R - Reply to a message

T - Target

N - Talents

M - Shows map
Shift M - Shows mini-map

B - Opens main bag
Shift B - Opens all bags

H - Honor points

V - Show health bar

C - Show character

There are fun things that you can do in the game such as:
/lol - your character will laugh
/point - your character will point
/cry - your character will cry on someones shoulder
/kiss - your character will blow a kiss
/fart - your character will say pew what stinks?
/train - your character will move its arm up and down and sound like a train.
/rude - your character will fly a birdy.
/no - your character's head will move in a no fashion.
/follow - your character will follow whom ever you target.
/cheer - your character will yell for the hord.
/spit - your character will spit on the ground or a target.
/hi - your character waves
There are so many things to do, you have fishing, cooking, skinning, and mining. You can train in Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Talioring, Engineering, and First Aid.


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