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Friday, June 26, 2009

My Goals (past to present)

I have all ways had Goals in my life. From the time of about 2 years old and up I have had them.

Allen's Goals

1. Learn to walk.
2. Learn to walk in cast.
3. Learn to run in cast.
4. To get the cast off with out being cut. They used a arm saw back then, to cut them off. (yes it scared the living crap out of me ever single time. )
5. Learn to walk again on my weak feet.
6. Learn to run again.

This process happened at least once a year. Until I was 18. I was born handicapped.

Allen's Goals (con't)

7. Graduate High School
8. Be a police officer.
9. Get married.
10. Work For Walt Disney World.
11. Get a divorce.
12. Come out of the closet once an for all.
13. Find a husband and have kids.
14. Make one million dollars.
15. Move out of Indiana.
16. Move some where it does not snow.
17. ??

So now I am walking down my path of life minding my own business, when all of a sudden a stop sign appears. I am looking at which way I should go, but for the life of me I don't know. I look one way and I see lots of sun sine. I look another way and see college. I look straight ahead and I see two kids turn their lives around and become something in life.

The thing is I want all three of them. But how do I do them all?



John said...

The same way you learned to walk...put one foot in front of the other.

Actually that's a choice only you can make. But if you go back to college, you may want to stay put so that you meet the in-state residency tuition requirement. Or if you move, don't go to college until you meet the residency requirement there for in-state tuition ...unless you are rich and can afford out of state tuition.

Maybe you can do both by taking just a few college classes at a time, like at night.

Good luck!

Allen said...

@ John - Thanks for the tips on college, I had no clue. I am going to look into it.

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