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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Celebration - My Site -1.2 Years Old

I am sitting here with my foot up and figured I would do some writing. I was planing on having a 1 year Celebration, but I forgot.

So toady is going to be the day for Celebration.

Allen's Blog started out just a place for my family and friends to keep tabs on me. I thought this would be a cool way of doing it. I wanted a logo that popped. I think I got it.

I have actually had the site for two years now, but the first year was on another server that I had to write the code for a lot of it. A friend said hey did you hear about blogger? I went and check it out. Blogger is much easier than my old server and I can use any ones computer, so no matter where I am in the world, I can blog. The sad thing about all this is, my friends and family hardly ever comes to my site, if I want them to see something I have to email them the link, or call them on the phone.

1.2 years later I have made 154 posts. I have had 74 comments, 1,871 vistors, and 4,236 page views. Which I am very very happy with. I am actually very excited with my numbers.

On with the Celebration.....

I want to personally thank the following persons for their help and support. - Sean is the one that actually talked me into starting this blog. Sean is also the one that gave me programing tips to use on this bog.

Thank YOU Sean for the encouragement to start my blog and thank you for all your support.

John Abuzz - John is a member that follows me, he is my first "online blogger friend". I enjoy reading his post about his home and garden. He takes lots of pictures as well and I like that too. John actually has helped me more than he knows. I look at his site and think wow I should have that on my site too. He wrote Good News! My Blogroll is Changing I really did not know the impact that a blogroll had on ones site. After reading his post, I put it on my site too.

John Thank You so much for being a friend! Thanks for the support and helpful tips. Your last tip increased my traffic by 53%. =o)

New Members

Rae joined my site on 7/13/09 - I met Rea through John, I saw her name on his blogroll. I went to check out her site, I found I enjoy reading about the things that go on in her home. Like giving her husband the "look" or her trip to Wal-Mart. Thank you Rae for joining my site! =o)

Larry Ohio joined my site on 7/16/09 - I went to his site and found out he was a noob to blogging. I like to help noob's. In his second post he said " (Sorry, I'd like to provide a link to Warren's blog but cannot figure out how to do it. I'm a newbie to blogging as well)." I made a How To post about linking a site in blogger. He posted Facebook Badge. In his first paragraph it says, "First I want to thank Allen from Allen's Blog for teaching me how to link to other blogs!"

Larry thank for for Joining my site. I am glad I could help you! =o)

Stephen joined my site on 7/17/09 - I am not sure what I liked more about him, the fact that he is a Actor or that he is gay or that he actually comments on my site. Your site is quite unique and I like that. I really like the world globe widget that you have on your site. I went to their site and got it for myself.

Stephen thank you for Joining my site.

And thanks to all the others that have joined my site. I really do appreciate it.

Thanks again for joining my Celebration!


Larry Ohio said...

Congratz Allen!!

Allen said...

Thanks Larry!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Allen on your 2/1.2th anniversary!

Rae said...

Congratulations on your achievement and thanks for the nice words about my blog.

Allen said...

@Howard, Thank You. =o)

@ Rae, Thank you and You are Welcome. =o)

John said...

Hi Allen and Congrats on the blogiversary! Wow thanks too for such kind words about me and my blog. I'm always happy to help out and as you might have noticed over the year, I'm changing things up all the time. I'm really a newbie too, but not afraid to experiement and try new things.

I was really glad to see you add the "linked within" so that readers can easily view your archives. Some of your best writing is in the archives.

I see you like to try new blog things too and I noticed your "Revolver Map" of visitors and think that is so cool! Because I have satellite internet my town never shows up right, so if you see Carterville, Illinois that is me (even though that town is nearly 200 miles south of me).

I've really enjoyed your blog and especially enjoy watching it grow and evolve! Thanks so much for having your "My Blog List!" That really is the best thanks you can give any of your readers is to provide that link, and I really appreciate you having a link to my blog.

Keep up the good work & I look forward to the next post!

Joann said...

Congrats, Allen!! And thanks for stopping by!!

Allen said...

@ John
John said: "I was really glad to see you add the "linked within" so that readers can easily view your archives. Some of your best writing is in the archives."

When I saw that on your site, I thought wow, that is excellent. Got to have. I have tried to keep my site, looking professional. I just don't want another MySpace page.

Thanks for the great comment!

Allen said...

@ Joann, Thank You - glad to see you popped back in. =o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blog! I just published my 100th post this week. It's a great feeling!

Allen said...

@ Michael - Thanks for that and congrats to you too. =o)

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