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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day of Pain!

I was sleeping so well this morning. I woke to extreme pain. It was a calf muscle cramp. The thing is I am sleeping on the floor now. I sold my box springs and frame, the mattress is on the floor which is fine normally. But today it was awful, I tried to stand, but I couldn't. I tried to crawl on the floor but the pain would not let me. I got to my computer chair and made it up on my feet, only to loose my balance and fall back down. When I hit the floor I woke up my bladder and now I had to go to the bathroom too.

I finally did get my leg to feel better and made it to the bathroom, just in the nick of time. But wow was it close.

I went to the kitchen, put a filter in the coffee machine, put the coffee grounds in, filled it up with water and turned it on.

I went to take a shower. As I was stepping into the shower I hit my toe on the edge of the tub, because I did not raise my foot high enough. More pain, I sat on the edge of the tub and cried a little. Once my shower was done, I was off to the kitchen, for my steaming hot cup of coffee. I went in a got my favorite cup, put it on the counter, put my sweetener in and grabbed the coffee pot. It was empty. I looked down and the power was on, the water was still there. I checked it and the heating element was not working. ugh, I thought.

I have to have my coffee or I just don't function correctly. So I boiled a pot of water, I took another pot and dipped the water into it, and carried it to filter to pour it in. I did this twice before I spilled some water on my leg. It was not a lot, but enough to get the stinging effect.

I finally got my cup of coffee - ah, good to the last drop.

Kevin and I decided that today we were going to try the garage sale one last time. We sat every thing out. We were busy most of the day. We made money, but it was from the ten cent table or the twenty five cent table. But we did not care, we needed it to be gone. I asked Kevin, if I could go work on my car while we were slow. He said sure Allen go ahead.

My car has a radio that does not work. I have a friend that gave me his old one. I thought this would be a perfect time to change them out. I went to the shed to get out my tools. The shed door frame had a piece of wood sticking out. I thought I would fix it right quick. A screw would fix it. I took out my drill and put in a Phillip head bit in the drill, grabbed a screw, put it in the head of the drill and put it up against the wood and pulled the trigger on the drill, it spun right out of the screw and right down on my finger. I dropped the drill and grabbed my finger, it was bleeding. (another tear) I went straight in and washed it out with soap and water, put some meds on it, bandaged it up and went back to the shed. I fixed the door and went and worked on my car.

My car now has a cool radio in it. I am so excited. I still have to change the oil and make sure the tires are inflated properly, before the trip. But that can be another day.

Kevin and I put up the rest of the garage sale stuff and boxed it up. We are going to call someone to come and get the rest. Once we were done we was heading into the house, he walks in and pushes the door close, but I thought it did not latch, I was wrong, I walked right into the door.

I am glad this day is over with.


lelocolon said...

Sorry to hear about your day, to bad that bad days are not like bad sentences on the monitor, you just can't delete them, but you can always have a new one.

Beth said...

Gee, and I thought I was accident prone! Hope today is a better day!

Pat said...

Poor baby. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. This just reminded me of that old song:

Did you ever..
Did you ever have...
Did you ever have one of those days?
When nothing goes right from morning till night
Did you ever have one of those days.

Good thing you can't hear me singing it. Well, maybe that WOULD make you feel better! LOL!

I used to have those muscle cramps in my calves where it was the size of a golf ball moving down my leg. I would cry and try to walk around my room to work it out. The next day I had to limp around because my leg was so sore. It was not fun.

Rae said...

What an awful way to start the day. The stars must have been misaligned or something. I hope it gets much better.

Allen said...

@ lelocolon, I wish it was that simple. Delete and start over would be nice. Then I would wake up to 1 million dollars next to me. hehe
@ Beth, Some days I am so accident prone. Other days I am "normal".
@ Pat, thanks for singing me that song. (can I take the ear plugs out now?) Just kidding, you probally have a beautiful voice.

The cramps are bad some times, the worst of all is on the top of the foot. You cant walk it out, and trying to rub on it makes it hurt more.
@ Rae, I have to agree with you, I think the stars were miss aligned.

Lynda said...

Were you possibly dehydrated the day before the leg cramps? That can cause them. I agree they can cause some wicked pain. And is your tetanus booster up to date? - - just a thought since the screwdriver or drill bit broke the skin on your finger. - - - that's the mom in me being concerned for you. The good thing about a bad day is it makes you realize how great the other ones are!

Wendy said...

I second the comment about the water. I was going to recommend drinking more water but someone beat me to it!

Hope your next day is better!

Allen said...

@ MissLynda, I think that would be correct. But I did not know that being dehydrated would cause that. Thanks for the information. =o)

@ Wendy, My next day was wonderful. I spent it with my sister. It was a good day!

John said...

Now that was what you call a Lucy Ricardo day!

Oh, and about your garage sale shoplifters--it must be common, because our paper had a story about some people that got arrested for shoplifting at a garage sale!

Glad you felt better enough today to take that walk.

Allen said...

@ John, only if I had red hair. hehe I could be called Lucy. =o)

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