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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Cube is Packed

I am totally surprised at what all we fit into this cube.
  1. Washer & Dryer
  2. Sleeper Sofa
  3. Love Seat
  4. 2 Mattresses
  5. Dresser
  6. 3 sleeping bags
  7. 25 large Plastic Tubs
  8. 2 car stands
  9. 2 car ramps
  10. Carpet Cleaner
  11. Vacuum
  12. 52" T.V.
  13. 6 boxes
  14. Small T.V. Stand
  15. 2 wheeled cart
  16. 6 drawer shelf
  17. Computer printer
  18. 8 Blankets

I was at the start to take a picture after we would put one item in, then another picture. etc. But about 1/2 way through, we unloaded it and figured out a way to repack it better. We gained a lot of extra room. So all those pictures were a waste.

I am exhausted. Even though I didn't do as much as Keith. Keith was extremely helpful. He said he used to pack trucks for a living. I am glad he was here to help us today. I just wish he would be there to help when we unload it. Thanks for your help Keith!

Now to go pack the cars. And then off we go. I will keep you updated and plan on taking lots of pictures on the way to our new destination.



Unknown said...

It's like tetris trying to fit all those pieces huh? Have fun on your trip!

Beth said...

Wow, that's amazing! It's always helpful to have a master packer there. Ken is an engineer and has a knack for seeing how things fit together. Glad you got everything loaded!

Pat said...

The hard part is done. Whew! Have a safe trip! And just to make your trip interesting.... In case you are in a town for a couple of days, check it out in Roadsideamerica. com

That's my favorite website. They have all the oddball, weird things to see across the US.

Allen said...

@ Jeve - yeah I was actually going to call this post 3d tetris. hehe

@ Beth, well the big stuff is loaded. I am glad that part is done.

@ Pat, Thanks for the info on the website. I will check it out. But we are driving pretty much straight threw. Or at least most of the way there. At least 1000 miles of the journey.

amy said...

reminds me of Fibber McGee's closet. Be careful how u open that in FL!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That held a lot. I'm very impressed!!

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