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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Picking up a Hitchhiker

Kevin and I were on our way to Wilton Manors. I saw this young guy with his thumb sticking out. As we passed him, I said I saw him at Georgie's during Sunday Brunch. I told Kevin, let's go back and give him a ride.

Kevin said I don't pick up hitchhikers. I said oh come on lets be nice. Kevin turned the car around and we went past where he was and turned back around in his direction. As we pulled up next to him, he looked like he had been crying. I said do you need a ride? He said yes please. As soon as he sat down in the car, he started crying. He cried for a few minutes. He regained his composure and said that he was working last night at Johnny's (night club). He said that he had one drink (beer). When he was driving home last night, he said the street started spinning. So he pulled over and started throwing up. He said the next thing he knew he was in the back of a Ambulance. He woke up this morning in the local hospital. He said he has been walking ever since. He started to cry again, and said that he has no clue where his car, wallet or key's were. He said I don't even know anyone here.

Kevin said someone probably gave him the "date rape" drug. After he calmed down again, he said oh I am sorry, I am not normally this emotional. I am Juan. We introduced ourselves to him. Kevin said you are lucky that Allen recognized you from Georgie's or we would not have stopped. Juan, asked did we meet there? I said no, I saw you from across the restaurant. He said oh it must have been my hair. I again said no, it was your body. You are my type, short and skinny. He laughed.

We took him to where he was living. And dropped him off. He thanked both of us as he got out of the car.

I am the type that can remember faces. I remember faces quicker than names. I am glad we were at the right place and the right time, to help a brother/sister? hehe who knows. =o)

This little town is so much fun,


Larry Ohio said...

Oh man, what a bad position that boy is in. He sure is lucky you guys came along. I hope he can find his car! Do bad guys use the date rape drug as a method of stealing people's cars now?

John said...

I feel really bad for Juan. It sure does sound like somebody slipped him a mickey. That's awful to wake up in the hospital and not remember anything. That was really nice of you guys to turn around and help someone in need.

Unknown said...

Man, what good people you and hubby are. Juan is lucky you were driving by, and I am sure you were lucky as well, for I believe in karma, and you put some great karma out there ready to return to you.

Allen said...

@ Larry, who knows, about that. Its scary to think you cannot go out an enjoy yourself.

@ John, Well we try, but honestly, if I didnt not recognize him, we would have not stopped.

@ Howdard, I dont have a husband, I have 2 very close friends, that are my room mates. I am single and looking for a husband.

Kyle Leach said...

That's an awful story. I'm glad you were going by and were able to get him back to his place. Will Juan go to the police? Depending on what the perps took from him, it might be a ring of cons that are doing it. If he reports it, they may be able to connect dots.

Unknown said...

Allen, sorry about that, I guess I just figured no one would turn around because of something I said unless I was having sex with them on a regular basis!

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