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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Huh - I have Proof

In 1987 I wanted to be a police officer. I found this program with Indianapolis Police Department. It was called the Civilian Volunteer Police. We had no real police powers. It was more of an entrance into the police field. We did however go throw the police academy for this program. We were to assist the police officers when there were traffic problems. Such as an accident. We were to respond and direct the traffic. We directed traffic for major games such as: Colts, College games, and special events around the city.

I had worked for the program for about a year, when I joined the Indiana State Capital Security Police Department. With this Department I had full Police powers only on State properties. We guarded the Governors Mansion, Capital Building, State buildings, State offices, State Parking Garages and Parking lots and State parks within the City.

My second day on the job, one of the other officers asked if my bullet was in my pocket. I looked and him weird. The day shift Lt said, you know, he doesn't look like Barney, he looks more like Opie. My boyish face, gave me a name that suck with me for the entire 10 years that I worked for the State.

________ True but funny story ________

I was working the 2nd shift one night, and we got a call that one of our warehouse was broken in. We jumped into our police cars and flipped on the lights and sirens. Drove to our destination, pulled our guns out and checked all the outside doors and windows, nothing was broken, we then entered the property. We were pretty sure it was an alarm malfunction. We had to do a floor to floor sweep. My boss at the time suggested that we take different floors to speed up the process. I did what I was told. I ran up the stairs and hit the 3rd floor. I went into the offices, slowly, looking, moving through the dark rooms. I entered this one room and there was a guy pointing a gun at me. My heart sped up, my hands were sweaty, my brain was in full gear and I almost shot him, but then realized it was a full size mirror. My boss called me on the radio and told me to meet him on the second floor. I ran down the stairs and he looked me weird. He asked are you alright. I said yes I am. He said you have no color in your face. I told him the story and I thought he was going to pee himself. He laughed so much that he told the entire force. I never lived that one down.


Anonymous said...

What a great story!! And a great glimpse into your past!!

Larry Ohio said...

I loved this story! I would have done the same thing for sure.

Unknown said...

I think I might have wet myself.

Pat said...

Good thing you didn't shoot because that would have added insult to injury when you'd have to pay for the mirror! LOL! That was TOO funny!

BTW? I, too, would have peed myself.

Lynda said...

You have had some really interesting jobs! When I first starting reading your blog, you had a link back to your first day working at a Disney Restaurant. That was a fun post, too.

Allen said...

Michael, =o) thanks

Larry, thanks

Howard, hehe

Pat, ouch, yeah I know, that would have really sucked. hehe

Miss Lynda, Disney was fun.

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