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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kevins Birthday @ Java Boys, Wilton Manors, FL.

Yesterday was Kevin's Birthday, I asked him where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do. His first suggestion was Java Boys, Wilton Manors, FL. He wanted a Coffee. Kevin and I jumped in the car and took off for Wilton Manors. (we passed by 4 starbucks on the way)

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Java Boys is a Gay Friendly coffee shop. I assume that it has wi-fi since there are a lot of people with laptops. Its a friendly environment, the owners Steve and Nikki are awesome. Its like opening the door to your home when you walk in.

While I was taking pictures of the building, I hear this guy say "OMG I see a camera" I stop taking pictures of the building and look his way, he said "Take my Picture". I got the camera set up and squeezed the trigger and he yanked up his shirt.

Once he was gone, I went back to finish my Cinnamon cake.
numm mmmm mmmm good

After we were done eating, we took off to visit some of the shops around town. Once we were done, we headed back home. Kevin went to lay out by the pool, and I came in and started writing this post.

About 20 minutes later Kevin was back, I asked why so soon? He said its getting over cast and the water was cold today.

A little after 7 pm we take off for Outback Steak House for Kevin's Birthday Dinner.

On the way there I saw this awesome cloud formation. I had to take a picture of it.

Yay we are there.

I had a yummy Steak dinner. Medium Rare, mmmm mmmm mmmm goood.

I found this really cool feature on my camera, its continuous pictures, what that means is you press the button and it takes a picture, then another one and another one until you let go of the button.


I thought the lights in these are pretty cool.


Have a wonderful day all,


Lynda said...

I love eating at Outback's. Their food is always excellent. You are a good friend to help make Kevin's birthday so special.

Cubby said...

The pregnant guy is just so freaky!

Pat said...

That guy lifting his shirt is just too funny! I laughed out loud when I saw him!

Outback - yum! Now my mouth is watering for a steak.

Cool pics!

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