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Friday, November 5, 2010

Wicked Manors 2010 (Wilton Manors Florida)

Wicked Manors is a town wide Halloween Party. I mentioned it my post called Did it Hurt?

I got a call at work, it was Mr. Bronx (co-worker) saying "The party is tonight" I freaked out, here I am at work and cannot leave until 9:30pm and it party started at 9pm. I was not a happy camper. Mr. Bronx gave me the wrong night, he told me it was supposed to be on Sunday night.

As soon as I hung up the phone I called Kevin and said hey the party is tonight, just to let you know. (I had no clue if he and Michael were going to the party or not) I then called Duane:

Duane: hello (he was asleep)
Duane: what?
Me: The party is tonight, get up and dressed, I will be there at 10pm.
Duane: ok

I hang up the phone and start getting my closing procedures done. I went from being tired to excited. I have never been to Wicked Manors before. At 8:55pm here walks in a customer that wants copies made. I thought oh great, this is going to cause me to be late. I rushed to get his order done and out the door he went. At 9:10pm my phone starts ringing. It was Michael -

Michael - you on your way?
Me: No still at work.
Michael - oh Kevin and I are here.
Michael - We are waiting for you.
Me Ok I will be there as soon as I can.

We hang up and I finish my work and head out the door. As I was driving to pick up Duane, I hit every light on green. I thought this is unreal. I found out if you do the speed limit at night you can do this.

I pull up to Duane's house at 10:20 pm and he jumps in the car. He said wow you made good time. I agreed. We are driving to Wilton Manors and the police are writing tickets and towing cars. People just dont read the signs that says do not park. I guess they will know better next time. I pulled onto my street and saw a street full of cars parked on both side. I told Duane that I hope that no one has parked in my spot at home.

We pulled in and there was my spot waiting on me. I was so happy. Duane and I jump out of the car and head into the house. I needed a bathroom break before we left.

We took off and I called Kevin and asked where they were, they told me they were in front of Java Boys (coffee shop). I said ok we are on our way. Our house is only 2 blocks away, you could hear the music from my house.

Duane is from a small town in Indiana and has never seen anything like this. There was tons of people there in every kind of Costume you can imagine. I grabbed Duane's hand and said follow me. He followed quite nicely. We find Kevin and Michael, we stood there just watching people for a little while. I called Mr. Bronx and said where are you? He said Matty's (bar). I suggest we meet him there. The four of us start walking to Matty's. Once there it was just as packed as the party. Mr. Bronx came out and let me tell you, wow he dressed as a girl and wow. She looked fabulous!

I stood in line to order us some drinks. I looked at this hot sailor that was in front of me. I turned and told Mr. Bronx that he was hot! Mr. Bronx said that is my man. I laughed then said well I stand by what I said he is hot! Mr. Bronx said thanks.

Mr. Bronx introduced us to all his friends and I did the same with my crew. We stood around and talked. We laughed and had a great night.

We decided we all were going to head back to the main party and Kevin and Michael decided to head home. Duane and I went on to the party with Mr. Bronx and his crew. We had such a great night. I enjoyed meeting so many new people.


Lynda said...

Well - - - it's definitely different than what I do in the evenings. Glad you had a good time and got home safely - - - - too bad your home tripped you up though! Are you feeling better?

Allen said...

@Miss Lynda, I am feeling better. Thanks

Pat said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Must be nice to go to an area that feels safe and everyone can be themselves. Did you wear a costume?

Allen said...

@ Pat, No costume for me, unless you call my work uniform a costume. hehe I had planing on dressing up until I found out it was the wrong day. =o(

Cubby said...

Wow it looks like Wilton Manors is the place to be. I never get to that side of the state though!

Allen said...

@ Cubby, maybe you should stop by sometime. I can show you around. =o)

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