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Sunday, October 6, 2013

R.A.D. Professional Services

R.A.D. Professional Services was born last month 9/20/13.
(Robbin. Allen.Darrick)
Three months ago me and 2 neighbors was sitting around complaining about our JOBS. (just over broke) All three of us makes just a little over minimum wage. We decided to start a "handyman" business.

Starting a business has not been an easy task. Its more work than I thought it was going to be. I know how to sell, make flyers and hand them out, I know how to make business cards. All of this came naturally to me.

But what has not came naturally to me, is the paperwork for all the other stuff you need for this kind of business. Federal ID number, LLC paperwork, Business Registration with the state of Florida, License with the city, Insurance, etc.

It has taken us about a month to get all the paperwork done. But there is always a catch. Our name that we originally picked for the LLC, was already in use, so now we think this name will work. But not sure yet. Monday we all have to call the state and figure out if this name will work.

In this month time, we have been putting out flyers and talking to people and handing out business cards.
Last week was the first time our phone started ringing. It has rang everyday including yesterday. Its all good, we give FREE Estimates.

One person called on Wednesday and said " I have rental properties, and I need a Handyman for all of them" I said we would love to work with you. He invited us to his first property.

He said here is what I need done here. I need screening on the front porch, toilet keeps leaking, door is off hinges and the last contractor was supposed to put in a dryer vent in the back. We figured a fair price for us and them. We offered the price and he accepted, then he said can you do it today? We apologized and said no, but we can be here first thing in the morning.

8am the next day we meet and head out to the property. Once we got out of the truck, pulled out the tools, everyone took off to do their jobs. Robin did the screening, Darrick did the dryer vent, and I started in the bathroom.

Robbin worked on the screening. She did a very good job. 

This door was not an easy task. I put it on its hinges, but the door would not close. The door was larger than the frame. I went and got Darrick and said can you help me with this. We had to cut 1/2" off the door to make it fit. 

Darrick said the dryer vent was a B!tch to get in. He had to chip out the concrete  with a electric hammer that we rented for the job, but the roof line came down to far to get it lined up right. He kept up with it and it turned out really good. 

The toilet was in my opinion the easiest job to do. I pulled the old guts out and put the new one in. 

We are happy that we our first job is completed. Our Client was very pleased with the job that we did. Not one complaint. 

We have another job scheduled in 2 weeks. =o)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

looks like you are off to a good start, my best wishes to all 3 of you.

Mariea Dodson

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