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Saturday, January 3, 2009

I have been to several game websites. Most of them report that they have thousands of games. But in fact, its that many due to the duplicates. Duplicates are bad, as well as broken links.

PlayItOnTheWeb has great free online arcade games. This site has about every thing you want or need, with a game site. Click on the banner below and see for yourself.

  • has over 8,000 Free games
  • mouse over view of games with descriptions
  • chat room
  • game rating
  • free membership
  • down loadable games
  • multi player games
  • tournaments
  • gold shop
  • gamer apparel
  • featured games
  • top rated games

This site reports that:

346 players online
42,288,153 total games played
96,685 played today

The mouse over feature is one of the best that I have seen on a game site. Most game sites has all the games in link form. But with this feature its much easier to see the picture and the description.

This site was very professionally done. It was well thought out. I have spent many hours playing the games on this site. My most favorite game is FWG Random Defence Game

If I had gold stars to give out, I would give them 5 of them.

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