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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Phuckin Internet Thieves

Some JackAss stole my character on World of Warcraft.

At about 8am this morning, I got a call from my friend, he asked if I was on World Of Warcraft last night? I said now you know I am down at A.C.'s house. (A.C.'s computer would not handle wow) So no I haven't been on. He said that is what he thought and he went ahead and emailed the Game Manager, and told them that someone else was on my account. They froze my account and started an investigation.

I know that they cleaned me out. My Guild had 3 pages full of items and in my guild are my friends that can check the guild vault at any time. When they checked it, most of it was gone.

I have received 3 emails so far from Blizzard, stating that my account has been frozen. Oh and get this the office that you are supposed to call in an event like this is closed for the weekend. No wonder this is happening on the weekends. There is no one to call and let them know what is going on. I paid good money for the games $49.00 for the game and $49.00 per addition which is 2 now. Not including the monthly fees as well. You would think with 12 million subscribers they could staff more for the weekends.

As soon as I got home and settled down, I got on to all my password protected sites and changed all the passwords. Even though most of them were different than the one I was using for World of Warcraft. It has taught me to remember to change my password more often. You get into the habit of the same one all the time. I guess the old saying "keep it simple stupid" dose not apply anymore. My new password will be the most possible letters and numbers available. If they get into it this time then they are really good and deserve it. Ok no they don't. I will fight it too.

I am not sure who I am more angry with, myself for not changing my password more often, the jackass that stole it, or Blizzard for not having weekend support. I guess I am angry with all the above.

Allen :(

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