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Monday, August 24, 2009

CDC Considering Universal Circumcision Policy

In an effort to reduce the spread of HIV, public health officials are considering the promotion of “universal circumcision” for all baby boys born in the United States.

The move comes after officials analyzed the results of several studies that show in African countries hit hard by HIV, men who were circumcised reduced their infection risk by half, the New York Times reported. However, those studies focused on heterosexual men who are at risk of getting HIV from infected female partners. The main issue in the U.S. is men who have sex with men.
Read the entire article: Fox News

Talk about our government getting to large. I understand the fact of wanting to rid our country of HIV. But to have the government say its mandatory is wrong.

I think its everyone's right to choose whether they had it or not. I dont think it should be the parents choice either. I am so against it, my parents for what ever reason that they had, had me cut. I am not happy with their decision. If my parents wanted to help me out in life why did they not take my appendix out instead?

If the government gets this passed, then what is next? unplug granny policy? DNA makeover policy?




Jo said...

Hi, Allen--Jo here ("Diary OF A Sad Housewife"). I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a "Tiggerific" comment! ;)

Should Tigger have decided to go bi-coastal and is in fact now inhabiting our fair state--perhaps simply dividing his time between Florida and Ca. to spread the love--then I will indeed give him your regards.

On another note--I LOVED your blog about Tom and the puppy--way to go! Being a vegan, for moral reasons, I applaud the stand on which you took for those who have no voice!


Please update us....

Peace, love and happiness,
"Diary OF A Sad Housewife"

Beth said...

Any reports coming from Faux News I tend to automatically question. I would take this story with a big grain of salt until there are more reports.

lelocolon said...

Beth I second you, Faux news is dedicated to discredit rewarding Obama's administration. I have zero tolerance for FOX I would had paid attention if that article would have appeared in The Village Voice, or MSNBC. or even CNN. I probably would had been interested to follow it. But Fox news, not a chance.

Allen said...

@ Jo, thanks for stopping by. I am glad to see you liked the tigger comment.

@ Beth - Fox news is not good? I didnt know that.

@ lelocolon - hmmm, me thinks fox is not what its cracked up to be.

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