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Monday, August 24, 2009

See what you are missing...

On World of WarCraft. We decided to do a Heroic Dungeon, Utgrade Pinnacle.
We were fighting this level 82 boss. I died very early on in this fight, so while I waited for them to finish him off, I decided to take some snapshots of the fight.


World of Warcraft is so much fun. =o)


Anonymous said...

I've done Naxx with my Mage, she rocks. Have not made it to Ulduar yet though. Haven't done any endgame content with my Lock yet either, Though I did finally get all of the dailies opened up. Took me forever to sort out why I wasn't able to get any from Orgrims Hammer. Turns out I'd not finished the quests to open up all of the phased zones. Now I know what I'm doing a bit better.=P It sucks that you got hacked, but I hope you were able to get most of your things restored and all is well now. It's awesome that your friends ingame knew what was up and did all they could to get the ball rolling to rectify it. Not all people are scum sucking dirtballs.
hugz man, & thanks for following me.

Allen said...


I did not get it all back. Only like 10% of it. But its all good now. I am back in the game and enjoy every minute of it.

Thanks for stopping by!


Lady Dragon said...

Lady Dragon here. Long time, no see or talk to. If you want to find out who this really really is (and I guaratee you really really do) then come to Demon Soul server and look up DragonLady.

Blessed Be, my old friend. *hugs*

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