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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Heated Conversation Over A Puppy


Me: Hello
Tom: Hi Allen its Tom.
Me: Oh hi Tom, its been a long time. (Tom and I dated a few years ago.)
Tom: Yes it has. I was calling to let you know I have a new puppy. (Tom knows I have a thing for puppies.)
Me: oh wow you do? what kind is it? how old is it?
Tom: Its a Terrier and its 8 weeks old.

Me: aww I bet its cute. Umm Tom?
Tom: yeah Allen
Me: Where are you keeping him while you are at work?
Tom: "I have a crate"

Me: WHAT!!! What do you mean you keep him in a CRATE?!
Tom: ah
Me: How would you like it if I crated you and gave you food and water and left you there for 12 hours?
Tom: Well.....
Me: I am being serious here!
Tom: Sorry
Me: A crate was designed for people to transport their animals in, NOT for your puppy to live in for 60 hours a week. You need to leave him at least in the bathroom.
Tom: No then he will crap on the floor.
Me: And your point is? That is your responsibility as a pet owner to do. A puppy needs room to play and jump and run, a bed to sleep in. Plenty of food and water. Not what will fit in those little cups that comes with the Crate.
Tom: Well I read....
Me: I don't care what you read. The fact is, you are gone 60 hours out of the week and you expect a puppy to sit there with nothing to do for that time you are gone. Where is your brain?
Tom: He has toys
Me: And where is he going to play with these toys at?
Tom: Lets change the subject.
Me: No lets don't and just say we did. You need to find a doggy day care.
Tom: That will cost money.
Me: Yeah?
Tom: I don't want to spend more money on him.
Me: Fine dont spend anymore money oh him, that is fine, just keep him in the bathroom, or even in the kitchen.
buzzzzzzzzzzz is all I hear on my end of the phone. He hung up on me.

So now I am here upset that he is going to do this to a helpless puppy. Locked up in a crate for 60 hours a week. I will call him later this week after I cool down and maybe it will sink into his brain.



Lynda said...

I agree that crates are for transportation and not all day housing - - even though more and more people are doing that. We never crated any of our animals except for trips to the vet.

Rae said...

That is very upsetting. I agree with you that a puppy shouldn't be kept in a crate for that many hours. I don't know whether that is worse than being tied to a tree. To me they are both abuse. I have a hard time dealing with animal abuse. I get very upset when I hear about it. I am glad you gave him your opinion. Maybe it won't change a thing but at least he has heard that what he is doing is not right.

Allen said...

@ Misslynda, I agree with you, I never ever crated a dog, unless we were taking it to the vet. I dont know why people think its ok to do this.

@ Rae, oh yeah he heard all about it. I am guessing he heard that in my voice too. I just hope he was listening to part of it. crossing fingers.

Beth said...

Whoops, not sure if my comment "took." I've always thought it was awful that people crate dogs. Good for you for telling him what you thought, and hopefully he'll think about what you said.

Allen said...

@ Beth, I hope he takes it to heart. I really do.

Sue said...

I've always wondered why people insist on having a dog, then leave it unattended all day........they are social animals. Can you imagine how endless the days are stuck in a crate (or tied to a tree, or locked in a kennel) Good for you, giving him hell! I hope you keep at it!

lelocolon said...

That was so upsetting to read. I am not the best pet owner but the idea of a create to my Perugino, was never in my mind. Specially if he is gone for 12 hours a day. I used to feel sorry for the same reason when I got my puppy. I was doing my master, plus working a full time job, and a par time to keep up with the bills. I ended up with a second dog because I wanted him to have some company.

Allen said...

@ Sue - I have owned animals all my life. I have never understood "crating" an animal. It dumbfounds me to no end. I will keep it up. I will keep at him until he sees how wrong it is.

@ leloclon - That is actually sweet of you to get him a playmate. Its a good thing.

Thanks again to all that commented on this post.

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