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Monday, August 10, 2009

I Hate My Neighbors - They Killed my Garden and Flowers

I am just so upset. I mean, it took a lot of work to plant the flowers and watch them grow up, just to have a Neighbor come by and kill it all. The picture below has beautiful tulips that grows up there every years. Until this year. You can also see my grape vines that was growing on top of my fence.

I dont know which one of my neighbors did this awful act. They even poisoned my trees and bushes on the end. They are dead too.

My roomates " why are you getting all worked up about this, when you are moving soon?"

My answer " I am the one that planted, and pulled the weeds, I am the one that did the work to keep my yard looking the way it was. I am also the one that planted the grape vine, so that I could have grapes, since they are my favorite fruit. "

All my hard work gone, because of one stupid neighbor.




Rae said...

That is mean and awful. Some people have no respect for others. They are usually self centered jerks who are generally unhappy with life and want to make everyone around them unhappy too.

It is too bad it happened. I would have been very upset had it been me.

Kyle Leach said...

Allen, I think you have very right to be upset whether you are moving or not. You put the work into building that garden and someone else's actions simply ruined all that effort and care. I think of my garden as part of myself and I'd be greatly hurt if one of my neighbors did this to me. Maybe your new neighbors will be more appreciative of your talents.

Becky said...

You've a right to be upset about this! Boo to inconsiderate/spiteful people all around the world!

f8hasit said...

That is just unthinkable. Some people just have no respect for others...or their property.
Sorry. Hopefully your new neighbors will be more friendly!

Beth said...

I would also be very upset. Why did they do this? How did they do it? Shame on them.

Allen said...

@ Rae, I am upset, and have been trying to figure out what to do about it.

@ kylerklnh, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope my new neighbor will like my plants, we are moving to an apartment. But I plan on having a few plants on my balcony. I am sure its going to be pretty there.

@ Becky - Sorry for venting to you and your dad yesterday about this. I was so upset that they did this.

@ Nancy - I really hope so. I just dont understand what kind of person would do this.

@ Beth - The how would be Poison they had to spry it on, since my grapes were affected.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments, I think I am over stressed and the major things just sets me off. Or at least I think it a major thing. =o)

John said...

That really sucks. It obviously came from the other side of the wooden wall fence. It had to be either them or somebody they hired to spray. It could be a terrible mistake, because some people do not realize how potent those pesticides can be.

Also, with all the rain you had, it's possible that pesticides from a neighbor got washed over to your property. Do you also have any dead grass where the flash flood flowed like a river?

At any rate, I'm sorry to hear about it and I would be upset too.

Allen said...

@ John,

I believe they actually sprayed it, the reason behind this, is because of my grape vines. The ones on the other side of the fence still has a little bit of green leaves.

Angel said...

Hell ya you're upset!!!! What the hell is wrong with your "neighbors" anyway? They don't like grapes? they don't like pretty flowers? WTH??!!!

Allen said...

@ Beth,

I just dont really know. This is not the first problem I have had with them.

I have had my house egged, a dog tied up in my yard, and some of them coming over to borrow things like : dvd player, wood to burn, beer, tv.

Ugh. I am ready to move.

Lille Diane said...

Thia upsets me, too. I dearly hope your new neighbors are much better! I recently moved, too---it wasn't planned it was because of some new people who moved in who totally changed my peace island tree house paradise.

(((((Allen))))) big hug for you!!!

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